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Pubs With Play Areas Near You

Guess who’s back? Lisa’s back, Back again? Yep with another map. This time its a map of Pubs With Play Areas Near You. 

I thought they were a rarity. After making a start on this bad boy I realised just how many there are. So yes i know we could have done with this earlier and yes it would have helped us through the summer holidays but. Its better late than never right?

How to use this magnificent map of pubs with play areas

Click on the markers and you will find a photo, The Name of the pub/cafe, a link to my review of the pub if there is one and an option to load up your sat nav and get directions!

That simple. Just like me 🙂 

Pubs With Play Areas Map

Contact me to add more pubs to the map 

I’m always on the lookout for more pubs with play areas to add so please feel free to drop me a message either via email: or via FB HERE

I’m going to be adding to this continuously. In fact I’ve got one big fuck off pub crawl in mind. Might take me some time but i plan to review as many of these as possible. 

I will also be adding cafe’s with play areas too as soon as I get round to it. So basically what i’m saying is that this is a work in progress so bear with me. 

For a list of some of the reviews so far have a look HERE

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