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Mid Wales Hospital

Abandoned Insane Asylum

The Mid Wales Hospital is something a bit different if you’re in Wales. Breacon Beacons to be specific. Don’t worry I’m not sending you to A&E for a day out. Oh no it’s an abandoned Asylum for the medically insane and its creepy as fook.

Mid Wales Hospital

Firstly let me just say. This isn’t a tourist attraction it’s bloody dangerous as you can see from all of the signs and fencing. Not even the police or fire service will go on there according to a local. So you’re on your own if you ignore the signs and go in.
What we did was park up in front of the building and explore the outside. To be fair on a dark rainy day like the day we visited it was creepy enough. Had me touching cloth anyway.

Talgarth Insane Asylum

We bumped into a  Local lady walking her dog. She pointed out where all the bodies were buried (unmarked graves) and explained how the locals can hear some creepy noises at night. Nope and nope I’ll stick to Bicester thanks where the only scary thing is walking past the White Hart at kick out time after a Saturday night.
It’s well worth a look if you’re in the area though. You can see through some of the windows of the old shower block, wheelchairs just left around and general creepiness.
I wish it wasn’t as much of a ruin as it is though because I’d love to explore inside. Although it reminds me of the first resident evil game in the mansion and that game had me crapping myself a few times when I was younger.
Kids loved it as much as we did.
It’s down the road from a nature reserve we were looking at so we didn’t go out of our way to visit it was on out way home.

Mid Wales Hospital Stats:

Distance from Bicester: 2hrs 53mins
Sat nav: Click To Load Google maps
What 3 Words: ///shifting.mandolin.artichoke Click to load
Wheelchair friendly: Yes
Pushchair Friendly: Yes
Equipment upkeep: 0/10
Cleanliness: 0/10
Facilities: Nothing at all 
Age range: any age
Safety: 0/10 Just use common sense 
Fun factor: 10/10 if you like creepy stuff
Dog friendly: Yes
Cost: Free
More days out: Click HERE
Make sure you use my google maps or what 3 words to find The Mid Wales hospital. Its not on google in the way we use it to just click directions. 

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