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The Family Ticket App

That’s right The Family Ticket App!! How amazing is that? Now you can access my offensively honest reviews at the click of a button!

I’ve finally found a use for the husbeast because lord knows hes crap at anything DIY. 

I’ll start off with the bad news. Its not for you fancy pants iphone tossers. Haha kidding well i’m not kidding about the part that you cant have it. My husbeast’s talents only stretch as far as my pants and believe me that’s not far at all. 

Apparently making an app to be compatible for Iphones isn’t as easy as making them for android. Sorry guys looks like you’ll have to cuddle your wireless headphones a little tighter tonight. 

What does this amazing piece of technology that we’ve never seen before do?

Now its a pretty basic web browsing app but i thought it might be helpful to some of you fellow Android users. It’ll save you the hassle of having to look for my website of google (which is no easy task! I’m no where near the top) 

This way you can just click the icon wherever you are (unless you have no 4G then you’re either in North Wales or lost). 

The maps work too which I’ve found really useful especially when i load the directions. Boom it loads google maps and the route is already planned for you. 

Now its still in its early days. I’ve been having a play with it and i cant find anything too wrong with it maybe a slight dis alignment every now and then. 

It has a parental advisory warning which i love. No doubt ill still get some twat headed snowflake ignore all the warning’s, Download it and then get butt hurt over the “unnecessary vile langue”  

So if you do have any feed back please do let me know. Good or bad but if bad please be gentle I’m a sensitive soul hahahaha!

Anyway enough chat here you have it. The Family Ticket App (Free btw) 

>>>>DOWNLOAD HERE<<<< (Click it) 

Again please do let me know if you have any issues or if you like it etc. If you really want to help then you could leave me a review on the App store too 🙂 or not. It’s not like I’m going to get millions of downloads over night…..Or am i?

Feel free to leave any feedback on my Facebook page HERE as this is where I’m most active. Approach with caution in the mornings though. I’ve been known to bite. 

Don’t forget to check out my maps sections if you cant be arsed to download the app though here’s the free parks one HERE

Family Ticket

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