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South Moreton Play Park

A spit and saw dust kind of park is how i would describe South Moreton play park. A brilliant park just a bit rough round the edges. Basically if i was a park I’d be South Moreton. 

South Moreton Play park

I think you’d be hard pushed to not find something your kids could enjoy here. There is bags of space and loads to do…..Just be careful when you do it. 

South Moreton Play Park 

Parking here is not easy or at least it wouldn’t be easy if it was busy. Its at the end of a small residential road so you’ll have to take your chances for spaces. We got luck and managed to find a space that didn’t block anyone’s driveway. 

As soon as youre through the gates youre faced with the big hill which is where the main area is. A big slide down the side of the hill was an instant hit with the kids. Just off the side of the slide hill youll see the main play frame. Lots of different levels & platforms great for hide and seek and having a good climb. 

South Moreton play park South MOreton

There are 2 bridges over in this area. A nice wobbly suspension bridge off the main play frame onto the hill and then the 2nd one which is a solid one which bridges the big gap over to the next hill. 

The next hill Is which stole the show for Clark. For me it was a bit of an arse hole clencher. I’m going to call it the pendulum. Its a huge fuck off frame with one swing (zip wire style steat). The aim it to climb up the tyres in the hill as high as you can. Jump (try not to fall and die) then swing like a nutter. I think the tyres are for steps and not to soften the blow of falling children’s heads. 

Play Equipment In South Moreton Play Park  

So far most of the equipment has been for older kids. Not to stress though there is still a fair bit for the younger kids to play with too. 

The smaller kids play frame is at the bottom of the hill and has a slide, tunnel and the usual bits any normal small frame does. There’s also a random letter B which has been turned into a climbing frame too. Next to this is another wooden frame which is a bit random but meh another place to hide and climb in i guess. 

Pendulum swing south moreton

You’ll find the usual 2 baby swings and 2 normal size swings too. As well as a cargo net cone climbing thing. Oh i almost forgot to mention the quad springy face twatter too. Why smash one kids nose when you can smash 4 at once. 

Theres a good amount of benches including one which is sheltered for when it will no doubt piss it down. 

What Else Is At South Moreton Play Park? 

Theres a little wooded area to the left of the park with a mown path through. In among this there is more equipment. More like a mini woodland trail. However most of the equipment is overgrown and i didn’t fancy taking mine of the kids chances playing with it because knowing me i’d have trodden in a massive dog shit hiding in the grass. 

at the other tend of the trail you ill come out opposite the South Moreton wheels project. Its a pump track… what the fuck is a pump track i hear you say. Apparently its where you can pump your bike round as opposed to peddling it round. To me i’d call it a BMX track. So if your kids are into their bikes then take it along. Or you could just do what my 2 did and run up and down the slopes. 

Woodland train south oxford South moreton pump track

As i mentioned earlier theres a shit load of green space too for ball games and maybe even kite flying. Its right next to some field that had sheep in there too. Elliot even managed to find a local cat to play with. 

You can tell the play park is well loved. There were ramps in the fields and random tires too which i guess the local kids bring in to play with. When we visited it was totally empty though. 

South Moreton Play Park Stats: 

Distance from Bicester: 40 mins 
Sat nav:  Unnamed Road, Didcot OX11 9AB Click to load sat nav
Wheelchair friendly: All grass and very uneven 
Equipment upkeep: 6/10 a few bits need fixing/replacing 
Cleanliness: 6/10 
Facilities:  None that i could see. Plenty of bushes for a wee though. 
Age range: All ages 
Safety: 6/10  
Fun factor: 10/10 
Dog friendly: Looks like a good place for dogs and kids. 
Pushchair Friendly: Yes
Bikes and Scooters: Perfect for bikes 
Public transport: Had a look couldn’t figure one out less than an hr from Didcot of Wallingford. So i wouldn’t really bother. 


South Moreton play park is a good park. Not the best and it has seen better days. That being said its brilliant fun with the added excitement of the danger risk thrown in. 

If we lived closer we would probably visit here a fair bit. The kids loved it and the space was brilliant. I’d take a picnic next time or maybe venture into the village and see out a decent pub if there is one. 

Play park Oxfordshire

If you live by and you can get here i would recommend you try it out. I would say older kids will love this one especially if they have their bikes and a few friends. 

Overall great fun bit rough round the edges so if you go expecting a pristine park you’ll be pissed off. If not crack on. 


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