Tackley Heath

I absolutely love it when we stumble across a place we never knew was there. Tackley Heath has to be the best accident we’ve found to date. We’d originally planned to take a closer look at the satellites in Enslow but after an unsuccessful visit Tackley Heath was a great substitute. There’s one thing for sure and that’s these photos do not do this place justice at all 

Tackley Wood

Tackley Heath 

Although we did get to see the satellites up close I wouldn’t recommend anyone drive out there. The road is an absolute shit show unless you have a tractor or a 4×4. There is a warning too. It worked out well in the end anyway. 

We were driving through Tackley to get to Kidlington and headed along fox hill and that’s when i saw it a small opening in the side of the road heading into the trees. Beyond that a sea of purple. Husband didn’t want to stop and nor did the eldest who want to go home and play mine bloody craft. Spat my dummy out and got my own way. 

Enslow Satellites Tackley wood walk

Well the kids flipping loved it Ha. Love an I told you so story too. We parked at the side of the road and headed in. There are a few different directions to take from the off. There are no signs at all just well walked paths. For us it added to the fun we let Clark take the lead and off they went. 

We came across 2 other groups of people the whole time we were there it was bliss and the kids could run off ahead a bit further than usual. We did tell them to keep to the paths because of all the plants so if you do visit please please do the same it would be a real shame to see the woods ruined by selfish twats. 

Tackley Heath Bluebells 

I was chuffed to bits when I saw/smelt the bluebells. The whole of Tackley wood is literally covered in them it smells amazing. They are coming to the end of their display so if you’re quick you might catch a glimpse. This is the reason you need to stick to the path so as not to damage the regrowth next year. 

Tackley Oxfordshire

Not only is it covered in bluebells but ferns everywhere some of the fields we ventured into had piles of the old dead ferns with new one growing through it was really cool. The boys were having a blast climbing trees, finding stick guns and digging holes.

We came across a cracking climbing tree unfortunately this is where we bumped into another family who were already in full climb. the boys were happy to move on though.  We came to a lovely meadow which would be perfect for a picnic while the kids play all in sight. some dens were scattered around too. 

Exploring The Heath

As it was an unexpected stop we didn’t really get to explore the area too much. It seemed big and surrounded by lots of fields with footpaths too so the walking opportunity seemed pretty good. We saw loads of different routes that we didn’t get a chance to check out so bear in mind I don’t have all the information. 

Oxfordshire Bluebell woods Woodland learning

Google maps told me there was a pond near by however I had to go back the the road and head to a gate. This are seemed a bit separate to the other woods although it wasn’t. Think it was just less walked it had a really creepy feel to it so when a deer jumped out in front of me across my path I proper soiled my pants and screamed. Kids and husband were in the car waiting for me at this point. The pond was more a swamp too so I’d probably avoid this area if I were you especially if you have kids.

 Once all this lockdown bollocks has finished and life as we know it hopefully goes back to normal then there are a couple of lovely pubs we passed in the village that could be worth checking out. We already like Tackley Play park which we visited a while ago. A whole day could be made of it in better circumstances. 

Tackley Heath Stats: 

Distance from Bicester: 17 mins 
Sat nav: Fox Hill, Kidlington Click to load sat nav 
Wheelchair friendly: No
Equipment upkeep: N/A 
Cleanliness: 10/10 
Facilities: Road side parking
Age range: Confident walkers and up or smalls in a carrier would work
Safety: 8/10
Fun factor: 10/10  
Dog friendly: I didn’t see any signs so not 100% sure
Pushchair Friendly: They’re not the widest of paths I would stick to a carrier 
Bikes and Scooters: No I think it would be irresponsible to take a bike through 


Tackley Heath is quite simply a stunning unspoilt wood. It has been one of the best places we have accidentally found for ages. Its has nothing as far as facilities go (Jungle wees all the way). Its just plain and simple nature at its best. You make your own fun and that’s exactly what we did.

Tackley woods

There isn’t a lot of parking so be respectful and maybe have a look to see if I’ve missed out a better parking spot. For the love of god don’t leave litter or damage the plants by going off the path. Tackley wood is stunning and needs to be kept that way. If it does get busy then i can imagine social distancing could become an issue as the paths are narrow. As old BoJo says stay alert!


For more woodlands check out the map HERE

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