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I can’t believe Island pond woods has been on my doorstep all this time and I have never been! It’s really bloody nice!

We weren’t up for a mission out anywhere today because I’ve been stuck in with sick note since yesterday. I knew we needed to get out and I’d seen this place mentioned a few times. Perfect as its not far so if it was crap no huge loss.

Migrating ducks

I checked in the local Bicester page to see if anyone knew if they had ducks in the pond or not. This is when I found out that Launton has 2 ponds and the ducks moves between the 2 depending on what mood they’re in.

I packed some fresh bread, we can’t use stale bread because the kids eat more than the ducks! P.s please don’t whinge about me taking bread we only took one slice and ducks have survived this long with loaves of bread being thrown at their heads. I’ve yet to see a duck that’ll eat a packet of petit fucking pois! It’s hard enough to get the kids to eat them let alone a duck!!

There’s plenty of roadside parking but please use brains if you’re visiting here and try not to piss of the residents.


This place was muddy and I can imagine it’s only going to get worse. Don’t put the kids in their Sunday best they’ll ruin them! Shove their splash suits and wellies on and if you’ve got a pair wear yours too and try to not slip on your arse like I did!

Today the ducks weren’t in the mood to visit this pond (selfish quacks) but there were some Moorhens knocking about which Elliot loved spotting.

The pond its self isn’t that big but it’s all open with some seating round so please be careful and don’t let your kids take a unplanned dunk. You’ll end up freezing your tits off jumping in after them.

We had a Halloween bucket of Bicester rocks that we’ve been hoarding for best part of a year. So this was a perfect opportunity to ditch them in the woods while Clark was at school. We hid our 1st one by the pond (soon saw a woman nab that one up)


We headed off into the small woods area. Don’t get me wrong Its not tiny but by no means is it stoke woods in size….or in the same state for that matter. Although I saw that they had a clean up over at stoke woods on the weekend. I wonder if they left the dog crap dangling from the trees?

This woodland was more or less spotless! I didn’t see a single turd in site. What I did see were people cleaning up after their dogs (round of applause). Another thing I noticed was just how peaceful it was too! We saw a few people including a lovely lady and her little girl who found 2 more of our rocks.

Meeting people 

The lady and her little girl were so lovely and informative too. She let me know about the car park at the end of the road where you can see the miniatures horses, watch the trains and showed me the fields if we fancied walking with the cows! If you’re reading this thankyou!

There was so much nature fun to be had here with lots of spots for rest’s and picnic’s too. Elliot had a play in one of the dens that someone had made aswell.

I wasn’t expecting a lot from this place But now that I’ve found it we’ll be back. It’s just simple fun nothing fancy just a lovely outdoor walk perfect for the kids!

By the big tree and round picnic bench there are loads of mushrooms its a lovely area with a fairy feel to it which got me thinking….maybe I should pop a fairy door on the big tree for the kids who visit to see. You never know It might end up being like the fairy doors of kidlington though I’m not entirely sure if this would be allowed or welcomed so I’ll check first.

Once you’re done here you could always pop to the park in Launton which is just behind the school. I parked in the Harriers car park and there was loads of space.


The parks not a bad park. Lots of rubber safety matting to stop the face twatting, a springy face twatter, a metal kids frame for younger ones (Elliot loved the stepping stone part of this) it had some weird arse see saw, a swingy, twirly rope swing (Elliot’s favorite) a huge zip wire (not segregated so watch out for the big feet to tiny face scenario) the normal swings and last but not least some weird climbing frame for older kids….when I say climbing frame this could well be an outdoor gym. There’s just some random bits on it I have no idea what they do. If anyone in Launton could enlighten me as to what the yellow dangly spinny thing does it be grateful.

All in all its a well kitted out park and its a perfect place to visit before or after Island Pond wood. It’s at the far end of a huge football pitch so take your balls (if your a man you probably don’t have a choice but you know what i mean) take a kite and a picnic too.

I did have a peek through the gate next to the zip wire that leads to the new housing estate and I’m certain I spied another park. I didn’t see if it was any good or not but will investigate next time.

Island pond woods stats:

Distance from Bicester: 7 Mins
Sat nav: Launton, Bicester OX26 5DFClick Address to load navigation.
Wheelchair friendly: there are paths but could be a bit tricky at parts.
Equipment upkeep: 10/10
Cleanliness: 9/10
Facilities: N/A tree for a wee
Age range: All ages
Safety: 6/10 not a bad thing but be careful round the water
Fun factor: 10/10
Dog friendly: Yes, please pick up after your dog. No excuses for no bags as they supply them there!


This little woods has made an impression on us we will 100% be back. It’s absolutely perfect for when you want a lovely stroll that’s clean, close by and not too big so even the little ones can manage it too.

There are a few pubs in Launton too which I haven’t tried out but might be worth a visit could be a great Sunday if one of them does a good Roast.

As with everywhere you visit but more so with outdoor spaces. If you do visit please look after the area keep it clean take your rubbish home or use the bins and be respectful of the residents as it is nestled behind houses too.


If you’re after more of a forest than woods then check out some of the others we’ve been to HERE

They have their own Facebook page too incase you want to see more photos click HERE

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