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Ice Skating at Frosts Millets Farm

When we were invited to try out Ice Skating at Frosts Millets Farm. My first thought was nah sod that. Then i told the husbeast. I’ve never seen him so excited about anything other than free beer. Looks like we were ice skating after all. 

Pro Husbeast 

I knew from the off that i was shit at skating. I was when i was young and thin so there was fuck all chance i would have improved with age and weight. However the husbeast remembers his youth and when he was great at rollerblading (apparently) so of course being how he is as a person. 20 years on he expected to be a pro at it.

I didn’t want to do it to start with and i didn’t actually think that Elliot would be allowed on. I thought they’d have an age limit. They don’t by the way although i’d advise against sending your crawler on the ice (as funny as it would be) There was even a lady on the ice with a pram!!!  no shit. Maybe this comes as no shock to you but I’ve never seen anything like it. 

We swapped in our sweaty shoes for some stunning ice skates. I don’t envy the shoe swappers job. Can you imagine how bad those 2 fingers smell at the end of the night. I don’t care what amount of hand sanitiser they use. Foot is not an easy smell to get rid of. 

Baby ice skates

Elliot’s ice skates we so cute. I mean dangerous in the hands of an Elliot. I have no doubt if given half a chance he’d have flipped those bad boys over given half the chance and used it as a shiv to get more sweets. 

The toddler skates strap to their feet and adjust so you don’t have the ball ache of faffing about taking their shoes on and off. They also have 2 blades per foot to make it easier for them. Really wish they had the adult version. 

Bright orange seal 

We bagged ourselves a bright orange seal. Don’t worry Greenpeace not a real one. A big plastic one to sit the kids on. Now ive only ever seen the penguins before so this was a novelty for me. 

Obviously Elliot had no idea what was going on and made a bolt straight for the ice. Caught him before he managed to break his face. It didn’t take him long to realise that Ice = Slippery as fuck. 

He soon jumped aboard the orange seal. Husbeast was raring to to. I must admit i was willing him to fall over the whole time. Not only would it have made my day it would have made a great video! Alas he stayed on his feet. 

Clinging on for dear life 

Me, i clung to the edges for dear life. I know the pain of a bruised coccyx. Elliot absolutely loved it. So did the husbeast. I did venture away from the edge to push Elliot around for a bit but that’s about as exciting as it got for me. We definitely aint no Torvill and Dean. If the husbeat ever tried to get me in a lift id have to lift him into the back of an ambulance with a hernia. 

Elliot had a go on the ice without the seal and my god it was funny. We held his hand were not totally evil. Still funny though. 

Ice Skating stats: 

Distance from Bicester: 36min
Sat nav: Millets Farm Centre, Kingston Rd, Abingdon OX13 5HB
Car parking: lots
Equipment upkeep: 10/10
Cleanliness: 10/10  
Facilities: 10/10 .
Age range: All ages
Safety: 5/10 How safe can ice, children and ice skates really be?
Fun factor: 10/10
Dog friendly: No but would be funny to see. 


The whole ice skating experience was brilliant even for me. Its not overly expensive at all which i was shocked about. It really got me into the Christmas spirit maybe even more than Waddesdon light show and that’s no easy fete. 


Peak Times-such as weekends and holiday times:
Adult- £11.49 (aged 16 and over)
Child- £9.49 (aged 15 and under)
Push along seal skating aid £4 (first come first served-available at the session start time)

Off Peak Times-such as weekdays and outside holiday times:
Adult- £5.50 (aged 16 and over)
Child- £6.50 (aged 15 and under)
Push along seal skating aid £4 (first come first served-available at the session start time)

Would i recommend? Absobloodylutely. Its funny you cant go there and not laugh. Even if its not at yourself you can stand on the side lines and watch everyone else falling flat on their arses!

Why not make a day of it and pop over to the best soft play in Oxfordshire too. Sprouts barn.     


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