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Turns out It’s not called tiddlywinks like I’ve been calling it for ages Its Tiggywinkles. Anyhow cheap day/half day out. Its a great place to get up close to the animals and see what great work they do here for sick, Injured and orphaned British wildlife. 

So I’ve been looking at this place for ages. I’ve been trying to look for some days out which aren’t as open to the joyful aka shite British winter time (although it’s been lovely the last few days) this place is perfect. Half in half out, cheap and for charity!

Perfect for animal lovers 

If your kids don’t like animals then best you skip this one. Elliot loves animals which we’ve figured out makes up for his lack of love for the human race (body of a 2 year old. Mind of a 70 year old)

Getting there’s not too bad a drive . It’s about half hour away possibly less if you’re driving a car which isn’t on its last legs. (we have the worst luck with cars) Don’t do a me and turn into the staff area. They nicely told me to shit off and use the correct entrance. Small car park but plenty of room. I can’t imagine it gets too busy so you should be fine.

Get in the doors, the right is for sick animals and the left is how you get into the visitor centre. Absolute bastards have plonked it in the shop! Very clever marketing stunt there. So while you pay your kids can hone in on what if not everything that they want So they can nag the shit out of you the. Whole. Way. Round! I forgave them sharpish because from the off the staff were awesome. Lovely and informative. It was explained to us that there weren’t as many animals as usual which I didn’t mind the money was for a fantastic cause.


From the go the hedgehogs were pointed out to Elliot. So close! Cute tiny prickly little bugger. Elliot was instantly hooked. They soon shot off once he started his battle cry! Now we saw a fair few animals and weirdly they’re the animals you don’t often see close up because they’re wildlife so it was really nice!

They have a really cool area where you can look at animal skeletons. Some which even surprised me. Round the corner from here is the viewing area of the hospital. This again was small but really cool! Managed to see baby squiggles (squirrels) luckily they were behind glass so Elliot couldn’t chase the poor things. We really enjoyed watching what was going on. Upstairs is the first and only hedgehog museum ever!!…..I could see why haha bloody weird. You could see they were clutching at straws in places. Don’t get me wrong it was ok and if you’re oddly obsessed with hedgehogs this is the place to be!

Play area 

Round from here after more animals you’ll come to the play area. Now calm your tits its pretty shit but we weren’t expecting it so it was actually a little bonus. Elliot didn’t use the park Instead he went straight for the ride on’s. Him and this other kid has some weird kind if stand of. Screaming “mine” at each other while not actually arguing over anything. The whole time I was praying that Elliot didn’t hulk out and twat him one over this imaginary possession. Once that was over we couldn’t get rid of the little bugger. Followed us everywhere on his tractor, cutting me up slamming into my ankles and laughing. I wanted to let Elliot lose on him but i remembered no child deserves such punishment so I just pushed him over instead (kidding!! I just smiled and wished that he’d fuck off in my head)

We spotted more animals on the way round and at the time wondered if this was quiet god knows what it’ll be like in spring when we go back again!

Badger set 

We came across the badger set which was really cool I’ve mostly ever only seen that on the side of the roads so was pretty exciting! Did we see one? Did we fuck! Saw some badger shit though which was still a first. Don’t blame them for staying hidden though. I try and hide when I hear Elliot coming too. (I hide in the toilet a lot)

We did the loop a couple of times I just let Elliot take the lead. He absolutely loved it! If i’m honest i probably would take Clark as I think older kids will be bored shitless or at least mine would. I think maybe in spring might be better for older kids. They also have talks on throughout the day where you can get up close to the animals!

You’ll find lots of space for picnic. There are some snacks and drinks you can buy from the main entrance shop and a clean set of toilets. The whole place is easily Accessible for wheelchairs too.

Tiggywinkles stats

Distance from Bicester: 27mins
Sat nav: Aston Rd, Haddenham, Aylesbury HP17 8AF
Wheelchair friendly: yes
Equipment upkeep: 10/10
Cleanliness: 10/10
Facilities: 10/10
Age range: All ages
Safety: 10/10
Fun factor: 7/10
Dog friendly: nope


Will we be back? Definitely at £5.10 you can’t go wrong! Under 4s are free too. Would I recommend? Yes especially for younger kids and children with a particular interest in animals. They have bits going on over half term so pop over and have a look at their website if you’re thinking of going. I also spotted an awesome looking play park on the way back it was peeping over the top of a hedge bit I didn’t have time to stop. Will head back over half term for a proper look. It was in Long Crendon if you go though (I can’t be held accountable of its shit though I haven’t reviewed it yet)


Don’t forget to check out the whats on for half term guide HERE too in case you missed it. 

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