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Bicester To Launton Walk

The Bicester to Launton walk was a walk we discovered at the beginning of the lock down when we were even more limited for our exercise. I had spotted the footpath sign before and always wondered where it went. 

Bicester to Launton

Bicester To Launton Walk 

I’m sure many of the people who live in Bicester will have driven past the sign not knowing or maybe I’m just slow on the uptake. You will see the signpost on the ring road on the none path side. I found it easiest to explain that its at the end of Gavrey drive. 

There are a few gates along the way too which creeped me out germ wise at the start of the pandemic so I made a little hook to open them. I must have looked like a right tit. 

Bicester Walks Launton Walks

Anyway if you head in and then veer to the left, over the little bridge you’ll come into some marshy area which be warned can get reallllllly muddy after a bit of rain . Its a great little area for remote control cars as we found on one of our walks.

Its really easy to follow the path its basically a straight line diagonally well that’s unless you want to explore the other routes anyway. Something we haven’t go around to doing just yet.

Over The Fields 

The Marshy area and a couple of other of the paths can become pretty narrow at points so be aware of this before heading out. Once you get out of the marsh then you’ll come to a huge field. Walk round it or straight across along the path. We took our aeroplanes here too and there was loads of space. 

If you’re lucky you’ll see the trains going past much to the kids delight. They love counting the carriages. You’ll be passing under the railway line too through the tunnel this is another narrow passing place. 

Bicetser Railway tunnel

More gates (Out came my handy hook) and into another field. You’ll see a gate opposite and if you head over then you’ll have the choice of left or right. There are some mini ponies in the field along that foot path and they were running round like nutters the kids loved them. DO NOT FEED THEM!!! 

It was at this point i finally realised where the hell we were. Bloody Launton haha all these years we’d lived in Langford and I had no Idea just how close we were if we walked across those fields. 

Heading Back To Bicester 

Now you could walk through Launton, have a stop off at Island pond wood. Or you could do what we did and after watching the ponies for a bit head along the path to the left (Pony field will be on your right now). 

Heading round the field is a lovely little walk and you’ll eventually come to a wooded area and a little walkway the boys really loved it here and were trying to find the best stick guns. 

Miniature Horses in Launton Launton Walk

Gets a bit hazy now as you head through more gates come across a super cute donkey and head into some fields full of sheep so if you have a dog for the love of god keep it on a lead! I’ve read far too many stories about mauled sheep and lambs and its just horrible. 

You can continue through gates and see where it takes you while we headed back to the road and walked along the ring road until we got home. The boys we’re pooped we saw next to no one and saw so much. All perfectly legal if you keep to the footpaths. 

Bicester To Launton Walk 

Distance from Bicester:  0 mins 
Sat nav: This is the start of the walk Click to load sat nav 
Wheelchair friendly: No 
Equipment upkeep: N/A
Cleanliness: 9/10 
Facilities: None
Age range: all ages
Safety: 8/10
Fun factor: 10/10  
Dog friendly: Yes but please keep on leads around livestock
Pushchair Friendly: No
Bikes and Scooters: Hmmm not sure not easy but possibly a bike


The Bicester to Launton walk was a great walk. It pushed the boys enough without them moaning too much. That could be down to lots of things to see along the way. 

We’ve really enjoyed our doorstep walks that have kept us going throughout these difficult times. I know some people are pissed off at me for ruining their walks but you need to remember they’re my walks too. I just see it as sharing. 


Someone asked me what my agenda was today which I didn’t bother replying too as they were trying to entice me into an argument. My agenda has and always will be to share. Share my good experiences and my bad in the hope that I can help other families get outdoors. That’s it no hidden agenda at all I’m completely transparent.


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