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Iron Trunk Aqueduct

We may have taken the long route to Iron Trunk Aqueduct but boy was it the scenic one. Absolute gem of a find and the kids were fascinated (mostly by the cow shit mind)

Iron Trunk Aqueduct

Iron Trunk Aqueduct  

I did a fair bit of google mapping before heading to the Aqueduct. Theres a fair few routes to get there and a load of car parks to chose from too. I ended up deciding on one in Ouse valley park near the viaduct (not fire ducks as Elliot was expecting). So not only did we see boats but trains too.

When we arrived the car park was full but luckily someone was just about to leave. Its clearly a popular place for dog walkers. Not only did we see lots of dogs but the husbeast ended up standing in a pile of dog shit too (lazy owners make my piss boil).Its not a huge car park but its free and I reckon you wouldn’t have to wait too long before someone left anyway. 

Ouse valley park Wolverton viaduct

We headed to the viaduct first and even though it was a Sunday we still saw loads of trains so Clark was happy. The viaduct itself was pretty impressive huge arches for the kids to echo in going over a stunning river Ouse with a little weir. Very pretty I thought. The kids liked the graffiti more (some of it was cool I must admit) 

We walked under the viaduct on a narrow ledge right next to the river which was pretty cool. Then we came across a junction. Right over the bridge or straight on. Kids picked the bridge route. Out came google maps I’d be lost without it….literally.

Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve

According to google we needed to cut left. We could have carried on but I think this walk may have been a bit too much for the kids today (another 5am start ergh). Plus i really wanted to check out the floodplain too. 

In this area you will need to keep the dogs on a lead as there are free grazing animals about. You can imagine the awkwardness once Elliot started shouting literally at the top of his voice when he saw a dog not on its lead. There’s always one twat that thinks the rules don’t apply to them. 

Floodplain forest nature reserve

This area is stunning the walk was great. The paths are perfect for bike, scooters, prams and wheelchairs so you really wont have to worry at all. The bird hides were also open which was great the views were cool and we played spot the birds. Thankfully there was a poster with the bird names behind because I didn’t have a clue. 

There are 3 hides that we came across and the last one was especially cool because as we sat in it the wild horses grazing came over to the hide windows. Elliot was fascinated. They only came over to use the hide as a scratching post too. The kids were getting Hangry at this point so we headed through the gate out of the floodplain reserve to find a spot to sit. 

Walking Across The Iron Trunk Aqueduct 

Now we were in a huge field and we could see the aqueduct in the distance. We just plonked down and fed the skids so they’d stop whinging. You could see a heard of cows in one corner and judging by the cow pats they get about a bit too. 

One you’re in this field you cant go wrong its straight over the field (Follow the path). This is where its going to get tricky for bikes, prams and other sets of wheels because now you have to get up a fairly steep flight of steps. With this in mind you might be better going another route i.e straight on instead of over the bridge. You will end up by the canal and then you can just head along from there. 

Tunnels in Milton Keynes Iron Trunk Aqueduct

Once you’re up the first flight of steps you will see  a really cool narrow long tunnel. Ok its no Kelmarsh but still pretty cool. just make sure no ones coming in the opposite direction first as you wont be getting past each other. We just walked through then back again because we needed to head up again to get to the top of the aqueduct. 

Once we got to the top we had to wait briefly for other to walk past before heading onto the aqueduct path (Again its a bit narrow) It wasn’t very busy and once at the top you can get some cracking views. Not one if you have a fear of heights. You will likely soil yourself. 

Circular Route 

We walked over and back, Stopped in the middle then decided to head back. This time we headed along the canal for a bit first. The boats were really pretty and we even came across a few hippies playing their ukulele and a keyboard. 

The canal path wasn’t actually that narrow so was fairly easy to keep distance when people were coming the other way. By this point Elliot had got his whinge on. He was in full swing tried. I was tempted to jump into the canal just to stop the sound of his whinge from entering my brain but I persevered and distracted him with a canal cat. 

Iron Trunk aqueduct walk

After a while along the canal we turned left and we were at the top of a hill and e could see down the the field with the cows where we had the picnic. Just carry along here straight. Over a few cattle grids that the kids insist on walking over rather than use the gate. Thankfully neither of them snapped their ankles in the process. 

Luckily it was down hill because the rest of the way back to the car was spent trying to distract old whiny bollocks from kicking off. Finally ended back to the car park with 2 tired kids and a husband whit dog shit on his shoe. 

Iron Trunk Aqueduct Stats:  

Distance from Bicester: 37 mins 
Sat nav: Haversham Road car park, Wolverton, Milton Keynes MK12 5EP Click to load sat nav to the car park we used 
Wheelchair friendly: Yes 
Equipment upkeep: 10/10
Cleanliness: 8/10 due to the dog shit 
Facilities: No toilets or cafe that we saw 
Age range: All ages 
Safety: 7/10 
Fun factor: 10/10 
Dog friendly: Yes but to be kept on leads in certain areas 
Pushchair Friendly: Yes 
Bikes and Scooters: Yes 


Yes Elliot was a bit of a whiny git but it was worth it. Iron Trunk Aqueduct was a great walk and it was something different to the norm. We loved walking under the Wolverton viaduct too. 

We’ve never been to this area before and the Ouse Valley park is massive we really need to head back and explore the area some more. 

Floodplain forest nature reserve Iron Trunk Aqueduct

I’d really recommend heading out there for a nose. You can easily make the walk shorter for little legs too. Just google map it and find one of the other car parks. 

Another absolute gem of a find in Milton Keynes. That place never ceases to amaze me with their abundance of green space and things to do with then kids. It has to be one of our favourite areas to visit. 


For more information on the actual history of Iron Trunk Aqueduct check HERE

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