Legoland Windsor Resort Hotel

My 5 year old’s face was a picture of pure indifference as i woke him up and recorded what i thought was going to be a heart wrenching reaction to finding out that we had arrived at the surprise location of Legoland. Its not like he hadn’t been nagging for us to take him again since we took him last year. Judging by the look on his face though anyone would have thought we’d arrived at a pick your own broccoli farm. Alas we rocked up to Legoland Windsor resort hotel instead.

Legoland windsor resort hotel

Ever since we’ve had  kids we tended to avoid theme parks mostly due to the new found fear of other people and their little bundles of joy. Along with the fear of our own children and the knowledge of their complete lack of patience rendering queuing our version of hell on earth. With all that knowledge in mind we decided there was no other choice but to bite the bullet and take the kids to Legoland.

Once i saw that Clark’s school had decided to take all their inset days at once i jumped straight in and booked the hotel. Not only would we not have to sell a kidney because it was during term time so we bagged an off  peak deal, but we’d also have the joy of most other kids still being at school so therefore less queues. (we hoped)

Arriving at Legoland Hotel

We had arrived at the park around 10 am. We parked the car in the free hotel car park and went straight to the hotel where we were informed how to gain access to the park. Then We were given a key card for the lifts which safety wise was great. We then set out to enjoy the park until check in time of 3 pm. Check in was painless, fast, extremely friendly, helpful and efficient.

We were then given key cards for our hotel room at which point became confusing as to which card was for what but that’s just me being picky. They put us on the 3rd floor in a pirate themed room. Ours was the standard room but there is a choice of upgrading to a premium themed room. It had a nice king sized bed for me, the husband and more than likely eventually 1 or both of the kids.

There was a separate sleeping area for the kids while still being in the same room which was great news for us. This allowed us to talk freely for once rather than trying to use dodgy hand gestures like we have to when we’re all rammed in a travel lodge room to save waking the kids up.My husband has a serious inability to whisper which unfortunately he seems to have passed on to both of our boys.

Legoland hotel room

The kids area had bunk beds and a pull out trundle bed. We took a travel cot with us for Elliot and had no problem fitting it in the kids area next to the bunks.

If you’re a larger family you’d have no problems fitting 3 or 4 children into the same room. The kids area had its own tv and pirate themed decorations. There was a night light next to their  beds or if you have kids like mine yet another thing to annoy mummy with (on, off, on, off…)

The whole room was fantastic from the detailed decorations to the amazingly inviting shower in the bathroom. Be weary when you use the toilet for the first time i sat  down and gave myself a shock i thought in a matter of a day i’d piled on the pounds. (2 too many doughnuts no doubt) It turned out to be a kids toilet seat. Maybe I’ve lived a sheltered life but how cool is that?

Pirate themed room 

Clark discovered the Lego monkey safe in the room containing 2 small Lego toys. To open he had to solve a puzzle using clues from around the room. Our room also had a big box of Lego Duplo to entertain the kids. Attention to detail really is great. I’d also like to add that by this point Clark was in full mode excited. It took him around 10 mins to properly wake  up and  realise that in fact we were going  into Legoland and staying and not just driving past.

Food In the Hotel 

Despite being dead on our feet from a full day theme parking we managed to drag ourselves down for our reservation at the bricks restaurant. This was an all you can eat buffet and while it seemed fairly pricey it was in fact good value. The food was good it did the job. Just don’t expect a gourmet meal (if you want gourmet there is the steak restaurant in the castle hotel next door) that being said the variety was vast. There was something for everyone including my super fussy 5 year old. The highlight had to be the chocolate fountain and the help yourself ice cream station. Word of warning the ice cream is so cold you could end up being cryogenically frozen or your head could just explode from the brain freeze. (at this rate i wouldn’t be fitting onto the adult toilet seat either)

On our way to Legoland i was wondering just how “Lego” the hotel would be but Clark managed to sum it up in one sentence “mum, dad Legoland has so much Lego everywhere”. It really is Lego heaven, from the carpets, walls and lifts through to the Lego figures in the hallways, down to an amazing flying Lego mobile in the reception area. The huge Lego kingdom climbing/play structure with free to play ps4s fitted with Lego games in the bar area was a huge hit. Elliot’s favourite would have to be the large filled Lego pits for the kids to free play with, or in Elliot’s case launch at the head’s of innocent children and passers by.

Loads to do in the Legoland hotel 

There really is lots to do for both kids  and adults. The entertainment in the bar area was fantastic for the kids (bonus being close to the bar). As the weather had perked up a bit we were able to utilise the outdoors too so the kids could play in the play parks. (note that the play park’s aren’t really toddler friendly) We were also able to walk along to the Lego castle hotel next door for a nose around. The castle hotel looked nice, it had the steak restaurant and seemed to not have as much going on which for some people could be a good thing.

We did book into the pirate theme indoor water play area which unfortunately we didn’t get around to using which was a shame as it looked great. If you’re one of those healthy, fitness types it even had a gym. I cant say i bothered to look though that would have wasted precious energy going up the short flight of stairs. Plus i was too busy day dreaming about the breakfast buffet and whether there would be muffins. We all know when you’re staying in a hotel this is the only acceptable scenario when you can eat double chocolate chip muffins for breakfast. (thank god there were indeed muffins for breakfast)

Second day in the Park 

We  left around midday the day after our stay. Not before breakfast and making the most of the extra half hour in the park before the none hotel guests arrived. However once the main gates opened our fears became a reality. Too many people, too many kids, queues up to 1 hour for rides we’d queued 10 mins max for the day before. It dawned on me that i should have booked the Wednesday/Thursday not the Thursday/Friday.

We visited the shops and called it a day. The hotel was amazing but we were still wiped from the Thursday. We kept the kids up late on the Thursday evening in the hope for a lay in on the Friday however the 3 hours extra they got to stay up won us  an extra 15 mins in bed!

Hint: Don’t feed your kids breakfast, put them on spinny rides and then shove them in the car seat for along journey home. They may just empty the entire contents of their little tummies all over the back of the car (spaghetti hoops in tact)

Hint: Ignore your kids when they tell you the log flume isn’t that bad you will get soaked. At least wear waterproof mascara!


  • Room layout
  • Monkey treasure chest
  • entirely child friendly
  • friendly helpful staff
  • Lego building pits


  • Confusing the key cards with the lift card. (yep that’s it)


Amazing hotel, theme park great for kids over 0.9 meters, Theme park needs to up their game especially as they got rid of the Lego train and a lot of the other rides weren’t working. We’d stay again as long as Elliot grows a bit taller and if the theme park improved.

Hotel rating: 9/10

Park rating: 5/10

Stress rating: 6/10

Tired rating: 9/10 (wear comfortable shoes)

Value for money: 6/10

Overall rating: 7/10

We paid £268.95 for 2 adults and 2 children with the children going free, 2 days entry to the park and a free buffet breakfast. This was during term time midweek and we stayed in a Standard pirate themed room.


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