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No kids Wednesdays, well no kids until school pick up anyway. As a treat for ditching the screeching mini humans and making them someone else’s responsibility for a few hours we go for lunch. Todays venue of choice was the Chequers, Weston on the green. I know this isn’t possible for everyone but if it is just do it. Leave the washing up and the cleaning and enjoy hot food without having to share or spoon feed a hangry toddler.

Last week’s destination was the Chequers. Now we’ve coming here for solo lunches for a while. We used to bike ride….then we gave up, got fatter and started driving again.

It’s a lovely looking pub very chocolate box cottage with a thatched roof etc. The inside wont let you down either, very country kitchen, I’m talking like I know what I’m on about but I’m as good as describing interiors as I am naming play equipment!

Got in went straight to the bar and ordered drinks. The guy gave us a heads up to the table of 20 about to order food so we managed to sneak in there first phew! I’m ugly when I’m Hangry…I’m no oil painting when I’m fed either to be honest.

I ordered the hot chicken Mayo sandwich and The husbeast ordered a burger. I’ve had the sandwich before and love it! This time was no different. Turned up in good time on lovely bread with the tough (good tough) crust. A decent amount of chicken. Not like when you open your sandwich from the service station to find 2 slices of chicken and the rest rammed with wilted lettuce! It comes with chunky chips too. Husbands burger was nice but I’m surprised he can taste anything after the amount he knocks back!

We normally sit outside but the weather last week was shit and the wind was so strong it nearly knocked me over and that’s no easy feat! Inside is full table service and the staff are spot on. There’s always an older lady pottering about making sure everything’s ok. I’m assuming shes the landlady. Comes across as sweet but the way her staff are so on the ball I bet she’d knock you the fuck out if you crossed her!

We did have a look at the kids menu but honestly it’s not for our kids way too fancy not a nugget in sight. So if you have healthy kids you’ll love it here. It’s not the cheapest. However if you do bring the kids there’s a huge lawn to play about on but again We wouldn’t take ours as Elliot would be straight through the fence trying to head butt oncoming traffic. I hear they do a good roast too so we’ll have to go back another day and try that out.

Distance from Bicester: 12mins
Sat nav: Northampton Rd, Weston-on-the-Green, Bicester OX25 3QH
Food quality: 10/10
Value: 7/10
Venue: 9/10
Cleanliness: 10/10
Service: 9/10
Overall experience: 10/10
Food hygiene rating 1-5 : No score yet. Hmm

Would I recommend hell yes. This is our go to place for lunch. We’ve had to trawl through a lot of shit to find this gem. Is it the cheapest no but its worth it. You want cheap? Go to spoons like we did today Bicester has one of the better Wetherspoons I’ve been in and that’s a lot!

What did you think of this review? Still too long? Too short? Too boring? Wish I’d just shut up? Let me know but if its bad I’ll probably tell you to fuck off 😉

You can find their menus and more info on their website HERE

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