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Straight in there today. No messing about. The best roast we’ve had in a very long time. I didn’t think it’d be possible to knock the Butchers arms off its top spot however this place has done it. These guys know how to run a pub ladies and gentlemen i give you the Bull and Butcher, Ludgershall!

I just want to clarify that the butchers arm is still by far the best value for money hands down and the roast is still amazing and shit loads better than lots of other roasts in the area but this review isn’t about them. Oh no this is all about the bull and butcher!

I’ve always seen posts about this place on the Bicester pages but until today haven’t been! silly me we’ve been missing out and so have you if you haven’t been yet!

I’d looked at photos online and to be honest they looked a bit shit. The food looked yummy but the place looked scummy. Those photos do not do it justice at all. I did touch cloth for a moment when we turned up because i’ll admit the presentation of the front of the pub is pretty naff. I’ve seen more inviting shop fronts on a charity shop. Don’t let this put you off. the inside is a nice clean modern dining area with a hint of hillbilly in the tiny bar area. like a backwards Mullet its all party at the front and business at the back!

I called up this morning as a last minute decision after seeing/hearing the rain piss all over our country park plans. Spoke to a lovely lady who got us a table. After asking about the kids menu we found out they had a limited menu on a Sunday which was fine by us as it still involved chicken nuggets, winner winner chicken dinner!

Got there parked up, fairly large car park, park where the fuck you like pretty sure they wouldn’t mind if you parked in the tree either to be honest 😉 Kids headed straight for the puddles despite me telling them to avoid at least 50 times. Puddles to kids are like crack to a smack head!

As soon as we walked in we were greeted by smiles and shown straight to our table. We ordered drinks and were given the menus. For a Sunday that’s a shite load of choice! we were a bit tired due to our turd of a child thinking that 5am was morning! so we were a bit slower on the decision making front. However with that much choice i reckon most people would struggle too. Beef, pork, chicken, sliced lamb, shoulder of lamb and mixed meat roast. For all you weird vegetarians 😉 there was a fish menu and a veg special on the board (i didn’t look sorry i love meat too much to care) for any vegans out there i’m pretty sure i saw some dust on one of the skirting boards and there was a lovely lawned area out the front with some really juicy looking grass.

I went for the Sliced lamb and the husband went for the beef which comes rare as a normal (like it should) but if you don’t like that then piss off hahaha kidding just let them know. Nuggets were ordered for the nuggets.

When we got there, there were 2 other tables and it was fairly quiet. However by the time 1.30 hit the placed was rammed! now its not a big pub but i can assure you now they have maximised the space and got in as many tables as possible. If your built like a bus you best dig out that corset and suck it in. Luckily for me i’m only built like a van so i just about coped.

From the off our service was impeccable! our waitress ( think she was a Geordie but i’m shit with accents so she was probably french or something) was awesome so on the ball it was refreshing. Each and every one of them made us feel welcome and even spoke to the kids. Elliot of course just screamed at them and said “no people” but Clark clawed our parenting skills back by behaving amazingly well, chatting and being polite. That was without threat or bribery too! they brought over a game for the kids too which of course Clark ignored but Elliot played with for a bit until they went back to their tablet. If you’re judging me for that last sentence you can shit off. I’ve tried talking to my kids but if i,m honest they do my head in hahaha joking well not about the piss off bit. We will do anything to make them not scream at each other and piss off other diners. This is how we do it and it works everyone is different if your kids don’t wind each other up then well done.

Food arrived in good time. after sitting so close to the kitchen i was super excited. The smell coming from there was making me drool! needless to say it didn’t disappoint! amazing. Meat, yorkie and spuds came on one plate. veg came on another plate with extra gravy and the veg includes cauliflower cheese!!! omg was it a good cauliflower cheese too! the food was literally faultless. The plates were empty at the end without us feeling disappointed there wasn’t more. We were the good level of stuffed you know the kind where you can still function as a human. The kids loved their meals too which turned out to be large chicken goujons cooked perfectly. Not the dried out or under cooked shite you get in Bicester Wildwood! (despise that place)

Husband had a few pints kids had 2 drinks each and i had just the one (this will be relevant later) we also ordered desserts for the kids which ill admit did take longer than i’d normally like but the place was rammed and they kept coming and checking on us and while the kids were content so were we.

Puddings came out and shit me they were decent sized for kids. Clark had the brownie and Elliot had the crumble which i can confirm was bloody nice! he didn’t eat it all so of course i had to finish it (this is why i’m no supermodel i blame the kids)

It was time to leave we were all well and truly stuffed, and the kids wanted to go to the park! Oh yes thats right the park. Directly opposite the pub! cant do a review these days without mentioning a park can i. Pretty good park some old bits some new bit and a really cool roundabout. I wont go into details but its good and something for kids all ages. Have a look at the photos for more information.

Bill was paid it came to around £75 plus a tip but after what we had it was fine. This is where the Butchers arms win as far as value for money goes but we were so happy with the whole experience we were more than happy to pay and we will be back again soon (if they let us) were even tempted to try their steak night or one of the other various foodie offers they have going on.

Distance from Bicester: 10mins
Sat nav: Salters Ln, Ludgershall, Aylesbury HP18 9NZ
Food quality: 10/10
Value: 9/10
Venue: 8/10
Cleanliness: 10/10
Service: 10/10
Overall experience: 10/10
Food hygiene rating 1-5 : 4.

Bottom line this is now our number one place for a Sunday roast. Not by miles but id say by enough to keep their top spot for the long haul. 100% worth the visit with the added bonus of it only being 10 mins away. You will not be disappointed! Thank you to all the staff today if you’re reading this. Chef needs a special mention and the managers/owners should be proud!

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