Sturdy's Castle Aka Spud Pub

Sturdy’s Castle

Sturdy’s castle is a nice restaurant/bar/hotel between Kidlington and Banbury. You may have hear it being referred to as the Spud pub. Their amazing shit hot spuds are one of the main reasons we keep going back.   Lunch This is the second time we’ve visited Sturdy’s Castle for lunch in Read more…

brill windmill

Brill Windmill

I have always seen photo’s of Brill Windmill show up on the community chat groups. Friends have suggested it too. I never really thought it would be that interesting to be honest.  Isn’t it the places you have the lowest expectations of that come up and slap you square in Read more…

Rushden Lakes


This is an unusual one. Wasn’t expecting this. Might be one for compromise for all the family, shopping, food, Nature, splash zone and play area! Rushden lakes, this place has everything.  Firstly. To all the people bitching about my “profanities” just piss off will you! Seriously i’m 34 and I Read more…

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