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12 Weeks Free Slimming World

Do you feel like a fat bastard? Do you live in Oxfordshire? Are you male, Female or even one of those gender Neutral humans? with what I’m about to show you it really doesn’t matter. For once all you need is to be on the tubby side. Whats better is that is not just free slimming world either. You have a choice.

I’m not being mean. I too am a horizontally challenged fellow cake inhaler. 

I used to be thin and even when i was thin i thought i was fat. Ohh if the skinny me could see me now I’d have developed an eating disorder many moons ago. 

After number 2 (Real name Elliot) i stopped giving a shit. despite what people say 2nd born’s are not easier. God no not mine. Elliot on several occasions has driven me to the brink and the only thing that could tempt me off that brink was cake. 

So bearing that in mind cake vs a very difficult 2nd born = 1 mahoosive mummy. Well enough is enough. I’ve rejoined fat club. This is possibly by 8th maybe 10th time rejoining but i’m determined to do it this time. However if you’re trying to cut back on money as well as cake all this stuff can be expensive. That’s where this website I’m about to show you comes. I did it and it works my friend showed me and she did it and said it’ll take a week or 2 for the vouchers to come through but to me that’s 2 more weeks of cake until i say my final goodbye.

If you’re Eligible here is what you can pick from: 
  •  12 week Free Slimming World vouchers.
  •  Free 12 week Weight Watchers vouchers.
  •  A free place on  MAN V Fat  (Football) 
  • Or a free 6 month programme with Achieve

Every one of those choices are brilliant and a huge saving. I picked the 12 weeks slimming world voucher because i know it works for me when i put my mind to i t but have a look on the website for yourself and have a read about all the choices in more detail. 

Slimming world logo Man V Fat Logo


Here’s the website and good luck. If you’re not eligible be happy it probably means you’re not as fat as you thought!

I’m pretty sure that it might not work if you already pay for slimming world or another group so little tip click no before you continue. 

If you fancy some ideas on how to walk off some of that tub then check out my top 5 walks. Don’t forget the chub rub cream though!

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