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First full week back to school so I’ve been trying to get back to some form of normality…..which funnily enough is pretty abnormal because nothing ever goes smoothly unless you’re a PTA kinda mum (No offence but you guys have your shit together) I’m more like the one from bad mom’s that take over the PTA and gets everyone drunk, because let’s face it drunk is the best way to be when you have kids. Not all the time though because that’s bad and I don’t want any jumped up people to start accusing me of promoting irresponsible drinking. (No more than 10 Jagerbombs and you’ll be fine)

Wow rant done now back to the point… Ready 2 tumble. I’ve been going here from day dot. It has been my form of escape with Elliot when I wasn’t able to drive. It was right on my doorstep, cheap (maternity pay sucks ) and we were welcomed like we were totally normal even though we’re clearly not!

Whats it all about?

In basic terms its a big hall filled with soft stuff that kids go ape shit for. While you Sit and neck boiling hot teas like an 16 year old doing Apple sours before getting caught by the bouncers. The teas free by the way along with coffee and squash for the kids.

It’s a great way to meet other mums and dads. This is one of the few groups around where i actually see men taking their kids too. It’s pretty easy to get talking to people here because somewhere along the line your child will body slam another kid or vice versa. So parents will run up apologise make the usual small talk (how old?, is this your 1st? Etc) next thing you know you’ve got friendly face you can attach to next time you go.

The set up is really nice, lovely little sensory area for the younger babies. You’ll see this when you walk in because all the mums will lay the babies down while they sit by their kids and shake rattles in the babies faces while they natter to the other mums about how they’ve all had shit all sleep or how they feel like their tits are going to fall off because they’ve been feeding none stop (100% breastfeeding friendly group btw so don’t be nervous)


The older kids bit is amazing. Its like soft play minus the need of having to go in after your kids and getting your heads twatted and your arses stuck. You know its clean because the lady who runs it (steph) takes it home after every session and gives it a scrub. On that note please abide to rules when it comes to no eating on the equipment. I try to but Elliot is a sneaky git! This also helps prevent us other mums from having to run after our kids after they’ve picked up some other kids regurgitated custard cream!

Elliots favourite bit has to be the big ball pit with the blowy bits haha he loves making the balls float. He also likes throwing all the balls out too which I know Steph loves cleaning up 😉 at the end of the session. All the kids love helping to put all the ball pit balls into steps huge bucket (??) so she can start to pack away. She never asks for help but the kids love helping.

There is a slide which kids love pushing each other off, Ride on’s, bouncy cows/horses ball pits, tunnels and loads more. They swap it up a bit to keep it fresh but its mostly all soft so it normally wont matter if you get smacked in the head. The only bum clenching moments are when an older kids runs towards the baby area (will they trample the babies or stop who knows?) Or when a toddler gets hold of a Maraca and start wielding the thing like Thors hammer! Seriously why do all kids carry things in a threatening manner!?

This group really is a god send and we go more or less every Thursday afternoon now. We used to go the occasional Monday’s too but Elliots in childcare now so we’re down to the one day. Steps great with kids and knows her stuff. They do party packages which go down a treat! We’ve been to one at a christening and the kids loved it!

Here’s the real info.

Mondays: Langford village hall, 9.45am-11.15
Fridays: kingsmere community centre, 9.45am-11.15am

Prices. Under 3 months are free, 3-11mths £2, 1-4s £3.50 and there’s even a deal for families and childminders which is £5! Great way to keep the cost down if you have more than 1 child.

It’s a stay and play. I.e dont ditch your kids a sod of for an hour and a half down the pub. No need to book either. We all know kids are fickle beasts and as unpredictable as British weather.

She runs a few groups out of term time too that I know older ones are normally welcome to attend. However you’ll have to keep your eyes open on her page for that info.

Give it a go 

Please, please do go along if you need to get out of the house. I know how shit it can be being stuck indoors and worried you’ll be ignored if you go alone. Most if not all other parents have gone through the same. The majority of people aren’t dicks. Just start up a conversation. Come and say hi to me if you’re that desperate. (I can’t be held accountable for my sons lack of social skills though he probably will scream at you)

If you’re looking for a structured class with high involvement. I.e baby massage and sign language stuff then this probably isn’t the group for you. If you want a chilled out (well as chilled out as a hall of screaming kids can be) group. Where you can have as much or as little involvement as you like. While your child knackers themselves out acting like a psyco with little to no judgment. Then this is 100% for you!!

For more baby groups in the Bicester area check out my handy guide HERE 

Sorry about the crap photos i was too busy downing my tea.

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