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Wades gym has been mentioned in passing several times. People take their kids to have a play about. Now we’ve never gotten around to going ourselves and Elliot’s was in play school today so I tagged along with my lovely 19 month old assistant Roo.

I didn’t have to drive today way hey! Although I probably should have because Roo’s mum is a bit of a crap driver. Mostly because she tried to give me whiplash every time she needed to break! In the end we got there although the passenger seat may need a wipe down now!

We turned up into the arse end of nowhere and for once it was the correct place. Plenty of parking too. I was totally not expecting a big arse farm building type thing. When people said wades gym I was expecting to turn up to some kind of leisure centre like Bicester’s one and play in a glorified soft play….boy was I wrong.

We went into the metal barn and was instantly transported back to school! Like wow! Talk about a rush of memories. The thing that triggers it the most was the smell! That smell of musty old sweat. This is going to make me sound like some kind of odd ball but it wasn’t a disgusting smell. By no means was it pleasant either, but it just brought back memories of school. If you were bullied at school and hated P.E then you’re fucked it’s probably going to make you have flash backs and plummet you into a panic attack. Fear not sit in the corner and rock back and forth this place is soft as shit literally everywhere you touch!

After walking through the communal area (no idea what to call this area) it’s like a 60s doctors waiting room but with a vending and coffee machine. Tables are in here and this is the area to have a snack if needed.

We went round to the gymnasium and this is when I realised we’ve come to an actual gym where gymnastics take place and not to a gym where they shove 1 inflatable and call it mega bounce!

Now I’ve never been in a gymnasium before apart from the school ones where if you forgot your P.E kit they made you do it in just your knickers (its only as I’ve gotten older I’ve realised how fucked up this was) so as I turned the corner I was instantly intrigued! Then I stood on the floor! HOLY SHIT!!!! I want this flooring in my whole house!! Soft, bouncy and just amazing! I literally had a spring in my step. It was also another moment the penny dropped. I’ve always wondered how the hell those gymnasts in the Olympics managed to jump so high! I thought they were all on some crazy ass drugs that gave them super jumping powers in exchange for their boobs 😉

I was so interested in having a nosy round I gave zero fucks about poor Roo and whether he was having fun or not. They had everything out that you see in the Olympics and if i wasn’t such a fat arse I’d have given them all a go! I have no idea what half these things are called so I’ll use my best descriptive wording.

Straight in front you have different level balance beams. Great for row row row your boat apparently. Kids fall? They bounce back up again. I thought the main attraction would be the bouncy castle and slide in the centre of the room but actually it wasn’t. The kids loved it don’t get me wrong but they were too busy with all the other shit! Stepping stones, more balance beams, springy stumpy diving board, soft play with cargo net, huge trampoline with a massive memory foam bed at the end!! The best place for taking a sneaky nap. Ok it’s not a bed but it should be ,so flipping comfy. Don’t lie on your belly though it smells of foot cheese! An inflatable runny thing, parallel bars (swingy dangly things), a huge pit of foam cubes and one of them horse looking things.

The best part of it all is the session is run By actual gymnasts that coach and will help your kids use the equipment! Not come across anything even slightly like this before!

There really is so much equipment in there i can’t list it all. Your kids will not be bored in here.

Sessions run Monday-Friday 11.15-12.45 and costs Just £4 per child £6 for 2 Kids and under 1s are £1 (few baby toys in their too) so for an hour and a half your kids can go nuts! Towards the end they have circle time where they get out ribbons and twatty sticks and all sing kids songs.

There were a few hairy moments as there are a few hidden gaps between the equipment where toddlers can fall or in my case shove them for a bit of peace and quiet while I nap on that bed thing! Keep your eyes on your kids around the generator too. Glad Elliot wasn’t there he’s have probably shoved his tongue through the grill in an attempt to lick the fan! The equipment wasn’t brand new in fact it was well used and old but still safe and the kids couldn’t give a shit. Every child I saw had an amazing time by the looks of things and I don’t blame them! Hell make a full day of It and take the kids to kings Sutton park afterwards. They may pass out from exhaustion but it’ll have been fun getting to that point!

Distance from Bicester: 29mins
Sat nav: King Sutton Rd, Banbury OX17 2AQ
Wheelchair friendly: I wouldn’t say so
Equipment upkeep: 6/10
Cleanliness: 7/10
Facilities: 7/10
Age range: 0-5
Safety: 8/10
Fun factor: 10/10

Bottom line if you haven’t been already give it a go. It might not be for everyone but i know my kids are going to love it….well Clark will probably never see it but Elliot will be going next week. It’s on every morning too which is ace. I’d take food with you as there isn’t a cafe just a vending machine. You can sit in the waiting room to eat though no food is allowed in the gym for obvious reasons. Have a look through my photos and if you’ve been before let me know what you thought. If you don’t drive or cant make the journey but like the idea of something similar then why not try the local group ready 2 tumble

For more information and more groups take a look at their website HERE 

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