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Tuesday I took Elliot (2) to the long established ride on time new venue at the stunning kingsmere community center. This was from 1.30pm- 2.30pm perfect for those who have kids that nap in the mornings 🙂

I have been to ride on time before but this was a few years ago when they had a session in Kidlington. I took Clark to this and he absolutely loved it he’s always been into his ride on’s. Elliot being the polar opposite of his brother isn’t so much so i knew this could potentially go badly.

The lovely Tracey and her husband run ride on time and luckily I managed to sneak in a few minutes before the session got started so I could take a few snaps before all hell broke lose……

Surprisingly it didn’t. The main reason why…..because there was soo many ride on’s to chose from there is no need to argue hahaha who am I kidding we all know if your child touches a toy then leaves it for half hour but sees another kid playing with it they’ll hulk out! Nope? Just mine then. Haha they’re funny things toddlers aren’t they. If adults did half the shit they do to each other then we’d either be hospitalised, incarcerated or be a total Billy no mates. (I’m borderline the latter)

Reluctant at first 

Elliot was a bit reluctant to go on anything at first but with a bit of encouragement I got him to sit on most of the things I wanted him to for photo purposes (18 year old blackmail tool) Elliots not the friendliest of chaps when you first meet him bless. So when Traceys husband came up to say hello and give him an affectionate pat on the head i knew it wouldn’t end well. Right on cue, covers eyes, screams then pushes and says go away. I’m sorry! But at least I won’t have to worry about stranger danger with this one.

Elliots not the best rider (If that’s what they’re called) yet he gave it a good go. He did find the nice alphabet train which he could post the blocks in over and over and over again for around half hour this seemed to be a firm favourite with a few of the other kids. Only a mini mosh pit but nothing that couldn’t be controlled with a biscuit. I will say one of his favourite things was watching the dig digs driving by outside. Being so close to a building site was an added bonus today.

Set up 

The set up for ride on time is fab especially for the target ages. The ride on’s impressed me more than Elliot I think haha especially the plane with the spinning propeller which Elliot just seem to like trying to lick! You will be able to find a ride on for every ability I kid you not. Elliots sill in the push me stage and the bright pink mini Cooper was the best one for that. This was possibly the most popular ride on but everyone managed to get a go.

There’s a designated area for little ones which is perfect if you have an older sibling wanting to ride while you chilled out with baby. Theres plenty of seating if your child will allow you to sit and if like me you go on your tod then there’s even a little table with magazines so you dont have to do that awkward smile we all do when we’re new somewhere. Or you could play and chat to your child….hahahaha who am I kidding we take them to baby groups in the hope they’ll be entertained by someone/something else for long enough so we can have a hot drink! (Mulled wine counts its nearly Xmas after all) oh that reminds me free tea and coffee for the adults, squash and biscuits for the kids 🙂 (take sugar though if you have a sweet tooth)


The session is £5 which isn’t the cheapest but if your child likes their ride on’s it well worth the money especially as then you won’t have to clog your back garden up with ride on’s that just make your lawn die while they get sun faded before you end up selling them on Bicester bargain basement.

Final verdict. Yes ride on time is a great way for your kids to burn off some energy, crash Into other kids at high speed, scream in each others faces and eventually make some new friends. It wasn’t as chaotic as I thought it was lovely and relaxed weirdly. It’s a session you don’t have to get overly involved with but can if you wish. So plenty of opportunity to chill and catch up with other parents. I know this is an already popular class that many if you are already aware of but for people a bit reluctant give it a go you might be surprised.

Now for the informative bit :

Toddlers £5, siblings £3.50 under 12 months are free 🙂 There is the option to pay for 4 sessions up front and receive the 5th session free.

Monday’s The Methodist church, Bicester (sheep street) 10-11.30am
Tuesdays the Kingsmere community centre, Bicester, 1.30-2.30pm
Wednesday’s Yarnton village hall 10-11.30am
Friday’s alternate between waddeston and Whitney check their fb for dates.

They also hire out their Equipment for parties which strangely enough we’ll be attending one soon so will let you know how it goes 🙂

For a full list of other baby group around Bicester check HERE

For their facebook to keep up to date on their news click HERE

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