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I took Elliot to the new tumble tots in Arncott for their launch day a few weeks ago.

You’ve probably all seen the adverts going round in the past and after all this time there is finally one close enough for you to go to. The Lovely Julia is the main lady that runs the show. 

Unlike some of the other play groups you go to this one is a little more structured. Its not a drop in session nor is it pay as you go. You pay by term to ensure you save a space. 

If you haven’t heard of Tumble tots before. Where the shit have you been? living under a rock?

What is tumble tots?

Its basically a safe environment for your kids to do all the shit we scream at them to not do in the house. Jumping, balancing, tunneling, rolling, running around, and everything else that a small person might enjoy. Here they can literally climb up anything. In fact they’re encouraged to do so.

I knew Elliot was going to love it.

It was super busy for Julias first session, we went along to the older kids one. They do also have classes for younger kids too. At the moment they cater for 0- school age. Though she will be adding a Saturday class soon for 5-7 year olds too. (Clark would loveee this) 

The staff running the session were crazily enthusiastic. How the shit they maintain that level of enthusiasm while trying to teach a bunch of 2 year olds to queue nicely and wait their turn ill have no idea!

What goes on 

There were different sections and the class was split into groups so that they weren’t all queuing for the same equipment at the same time. 

One thing i will say is that there was some queuing do endure. Also a fair bit of grabbing my child and telling him he couldn’t go on any of the equipment when he pleased. At first i thought this was a going to be a bit of a pain in the arse and to start it kinda was. 

However after a while he soon got the hang of it. You could look at it as another way to teach the kids a bit of patience. this is something i have shit all chance of teaching them myself seeing as i have sod all of the stuff myself. 

Its going to tire the kids out for being mentally taxing on them. They will have to concentrate to make sure that they don’t fall over and face plant the floor. (safety flooring in places so don’t stress). 

Its not a run round, go nuts and knacker the kids out that way. If that’s what you’re after you’re best taking them to a soft play. Julia does change the equipment round frequently so the kids will keep on being challenged. 

Tumble tots looks like a great gateway into gymnastics if that’s the route you want to take your kids down. 


Would i Recommend Tumble Tot’s? yes i would. Its a great way to get the kids fine tuning their motor skills and also a way to get them doing it all a bit safer. I know that paying per term isn’t ideal for everyone so before you decide then why not message Julia and see if you can book onto a taster session. 

For more information about Julia’s Tumble tots classes then you can catch her HERE on her Facebook page. 

You can see some other baby groups in the area HERE too 

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