Christmas 2018

Bicester Traders snowflake competition

It’s that time of the year again. Bicester traders snowflake competition. That’s right the annoyingly difficult snowflake hunt around the town. We’ve done this for the last 2 years and never completed it. Although i cant find my phone after having it in my hand 2 seconds before. I’m sure you’ll all have much better luck than i would!

Council pull their support:

Now i know a few of you thought it may have not been on this year. That’s because you probably haven’t heard as much about it until recently. I’ll tell you why…. The loving Bicester council decided to rip the funding away from the lovely fun gesture that has been running for years. 

Maybe they feel that the Bicester traders snowflake competition was posing too much of a threat to our Crown and Jewels Bicester Village. Or maybe they have decided that Bicester town centre doesn’t need any more trade than it already gets. I mean lets be honest. They keep the rental spaces at an all time high because they clearly like the minimalist look of empty shop fronts throughout the town.  

After all the kids of Bicester have plenty to do already. Why would they need something fun that can build the community spirit.While at the same time open our eyes to some of the unique and local independent businesses that Bicester has on offer.?

Thankyou Bicester Traders: 

Ok if you didn’t detect the sarcasm in that little rant it was dripping with it. Needless to say I’m a bit pissed off. However, threat not the traders of Bicester have taken it upon themselves to do it all off their own backs. They have funded it themselves too. *Insert round of applause here* In fact now that they’re doing it themselves the prize is a shit load better than switching on the lights. Unless you have an Elliot who would much rather switch a switch over and over and over again.


All you have to do is print off the form below. Find the 20 snowflakes in traders windows around Bicester to be in with the chance to win a prize to the value of £150 and £50 worth of books for your primary school (more biff and Chip whoop).

The snowflakes are numbered and can be found in the windows of independent traders throughout the town, some are easy to find some will be down alleyways and in courtyards, be sure to check them all! Submit your entries to any trader you find a snowflake in before 5pm on Friday 21st of December. The winner will be drawn at random on the 22nd December.

This is a free activity for the kids. Lets get behind the traders and show the local council our middle finger. Oh and if anyone wants to private message me with hints please do i will need all the help i can get and i could do with stocking up the Alcohol cupboard over Christmas because we have my Parents coming over to stay!!!  

Print me:


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