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Flamingo Paperie Christamas stationary Review

This is my 1st ever review of an actual product. So if i balls this up or if its boring i apologize. Hopefully it isn’t boring though because the items from flamingo paperie themselves are pretty decent.

Now i don’t normally faff about with fancy crap. I’m a lazy arse and try to do everything as simple as possible. The idea of crafts at home with the kids although appealing. I know will end up with the kids stabbing each other with the blunt scissors. Making shit loads of mess and probably gluing their eyelids open. The kids are already little buggers around sleep time. Eyes glued open is something i just don’t need. 

My boys are polar opposites too. Clark hates craft and Elliot comes home from nursery each day with enough art work to open his own bloody gallery. In all fairness his work is sometimes better than the crap they pass of in the Tate that sells for millions. So when the Lovely Elizabeth contacted me to ask if i’d Like to review some of her Items i was honest from the off and said something along the lines of yes but i might be crap haha.

Colour in nativity bunting:

I had a look on the site and the 1st thing that caught my eye was the colour in nativity bunting. How cool is that i thought. So i had one of them in the bundle and it really does look good and for only £6 its pretty cool.

I let Clark have a go and he was ermm crap. I couldn’t do it! Not only did he not stay in the lines he didn’t even try. However he did like doing it. I only let him do 1 because i’m that anal about staying in the lines. I then took over, he cracked on with his Lego and I Coloured in the rest of the bunting.

Its so therapeutic apart from when i’m sharpening the bloody pencils and the whole things broken. I’ve taken a few photo’s but my indoor photography skills are pretty shit. So i’ll add the links at the end so you can see what it really looks like. If your kid likes colouring in then this is a perfect rainy day activity for them and they get to see the house decorated with their artwork afterwards. If i let Clark do the whole thing the house would end up looking like a crack den.

Marching Penguins:

Next in the bundle was a really cute penguin card! not the tacky shit you normally get for Christmas. I have a soft spot for penguins. I could stay all day and watch the funny buggers at Cotswold wildlife park. Its so tempting to reach out and stroke one. Knowing me i’d probably catch some rare penguin disease that makes my arse fall off.

I had a look on the site as i wanted to order a pack for Christmas unfortunately they don’t come in a pack. For £2 a pop i couldn’t justify the spend. There is discount for spend over a certain amount though that i’ll add at the bottom with the link.

The card quality is good with that being said. If your big on cards this might be for you. I’ve bought a few bit from their sale and some of the cards are pretty cool and not just the generic ones you’ll find in card land or whatever its called.

Reindeer stables advent calendar:

This next item brings back so many memories for me. Its the none chocolate, none fancy pants Reindeer stables advent calendar where you just slot a new character in every day to build up the complete picture.

Its really bloody nice and can be used every year like the one we had at home was when i was little. We didn’t have many Chocolate calendars when i was little because either my mum and dad were tight or they were trying to keep me healthy which in hindsight has failed miserably. I can inhale a 4 pack of kit kat chunkys in less than half an hour! Some people say greed i say skills! (no idea why i’m not a size 8)

The calendar is only £9 which i personally think is a bargain but there are loads of different designs to chose from. I’m going to be nice here and i’m going to give it away to one lucky reader. All you need to do is leave a comment on here saying sprouts are gross and ill add you to the draw. You can leave a comment on Facebook too if you like to let me know you’ve entered. Good Luck i wanted to keep it but we have a similar one that we’ve had for years.

Diy Tags:

The last item i’ll admit is a bit too faffy for me but i’m not a posh wrapper when it comes to xmas presents i know lots are. Again this is a perfect way to allow the kids to help you with the wrapping of girt without actually letting them mess it up too much. No scissors are involved nope its stick your own gift tags.

Don’t attempt this with a staple gun or electrical tape it’ll look shit! just give them a prit stick and let them make the cute trees and gingerbread men. Clarks claimed the ginger bread men because he love all things gingerbread men including the story over and over and over again! Me i just scrawl the names of the recipients on the badly wrapped presents with a sharpie.

If i do decide to take more care id go along the lines of something like these. They’re pretty cheap too being only £4 for 24 tags! you don’t even need to do it yourself just enjoy free child labour….make sure its your own kids though otherwise i’m pretty sure you’ll get arrested.

Ok that’s it my first ever product review i hope it wasn’t too boring for you. Let me know if it was any use to you at all. I’d like to think i’ve been pretty honest without being a dick which is something i fall into the trap of fairly often. Don’t forget to join the competition. If you would like to have a look at the products i’ve talked about the links are as follows:



DIY TAGS (24):



The Lovely Elizabeth has also said if you join her customer club you will get a free gift of cards, wrap and tags with you first order. Better than a kick in the teeth i’d say! you can do that HERE

For all other Christmas days out check the lists HERE





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