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Maybe it’s just me but seriously? Am I the only person that thinks that Beados is the worst named kids toy going?

Have you heard the tune in the adverts? Its even worse than saying it! once you hear it you wont get it out of your head either!

Yes that’s right is sounds like Paedo! I’m sorry if this subject is a step too far but you can’t deny the likeness of the two words.

What the fuck were the marketing team thinking? They must have been pissed or on something!


I can imagine teachers asking their class when they come back from the Christmas holidays.
“So Karen what did Santa get you for Christmas”
“Santa brought me a beado”
I can see the teachers mortified face. We all know younger kids can’t pronounce their words properly yet.

Next thing you know you’ve got the police and social services knocking at your door.

So many different scenarios where it can all go wrong. Mum asks her child what she did at her friends house? Child replies we played with beados!

Next thing you know you’ve got angry parents knocking on your door expecting to find you in the center of pedophile ring. Calm down Lynda they’re just beads!

It could get really out of hand and that Stinson Hunter guy could be setting up a trap with his bloody video camera just because you bought a badly named kids toy. Boom your face is all over Facebook for all the wrong reasons.

Different name 

Why didn’t they just call it beadbobs or something else less sinister.

The toy itself could be good. It looks like the kind of toy that when you hear the container tipping your bum hole clenches. The same feeling of dread when you hear the Lego container being emptied onto your freshly tidied floor.

Just for the name alone i won’t be buying this toy and it’s going on the shit list!


If you’re still interested in buying this crazily named product feel free to follow the affiliate link here. This particular product is called Beado’s Crystal design….aka a paedo’s Crystal meth lab for kids!

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