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You may or may not already be aware of this but I was sat doing the last bits of my Amazon Christmas shopping last night and thought to myself you lot might be interested in this money saving tip.

It’s not widely publicised and now it’s Christmas they’ve made it even harder to find.


If you’re doing your shopping on Amazon check this section out first! It’s the section where they sell the items off cheap because either someones changed their mind or the box is a bit tatty. I’ve used this service for toys so many times and saved shit loads!

If you’re a friend or family member that has received a gift in a squished box its not because my fat arse sat on it (though highly probable) its more than likely come from here because I’m a cheap skate!

I’ve never had an issue with anything I’ve bought and I’ve done the same again this year. Now they may not have everything you’re buying but it’s worth checking 1st

They don’t have a search option and it’s easier on the desk top to pinpoint a product alphabetically.

They don’t just do toys either.

Anyway here’s the affiliate link if you’re interested and hopefully I’ve helped you save some pennies too. If you already knew about this money saving tip . Why the fuck didn’t you tell anyone else?!?!

For tips of what not to buy have a look HERE

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