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The Cinderella experience at Blenheim was really lovely even the second time round. Yep i had to do it twice! so fecking annoying. Took Elliot last week recorded the whole thing on the camera, got outside and me like a right spoon clicked reformat SD card! FML. I could have cried. So i had to go again the following morning because there was no way i was dragging Elliot round for the 2nd time trying to stop him from wiping snot balls on the antiques.


If I’d have had to pay for this I’d have been seriously pissed off. However I’m a annual pass member. This means you can go and do the Cinderella experience for free. There are a few rules to it but if you have a pass go it really is lovely. Monday – Friday before 4pm is free to do the house. If you need to park do so before Midday then this also is free. There is a £2 admin fee to book the tickets online but i didn’t mind so much. This also gets you into the Christmas Market that’s in the courtyard which i believe is free anyway even if you’re not doing the experience.

The Cinderella experience is a perfect way to spend a couple of hours especially if the weather is shit. Don’t worry about it being day light its dark inside and you will have no issues getting in the mood and seeing the lights. The staff are really lovely too. Apart from one jobs worth who tried to tell me i couldn’t video it when i went alone the 2nd day. I did enjoy pointing out the big sign behind him with a tick next to the video recording (Twat).

We went to both of the 1st showings which start at 10am. If you can muster up the energy to have a wash and pull your shit together do this! it was so so quiet and the 2nd time around i have the rooms to myself most of the time. 


The decorations in the palace are stunning they’re perfect for everyone of all ages. The staff really get into their roles too which for kids really adds to the magic. Or if you have an Elliot just adds to the screaming every time some one tries to talk to him. Going to have no problem teaching that one stranger danger.

There are little mice for the children to try and spot. I’ll be honest i enjoyed this more than Elliot he was too busy screaming BALLS at the top of his voice (Baubles) and trying to climb the Christmas trees. Its a shame that they didn’t do a trail like the one they do at Waddesdon but it was still cute. I didn’t manage to find Gus Gus though. That’s the fat mouse from the Cinderella film incase you didnt know. They did have a Lucifer (The Cat) though. 

My favourite room was the Fairy godmother room though. That really is magical though she could have done with getting to the point a bit quicker. 

There are some interaction bits in one of the rooms where you have to spin the wheel to make the show start. Don’t let your small kids do this you can literally feel the staff tense up. On of them blurted out to Elliot to be careful. Not in a nasty way i could tell her heart was in her mouth and to be fair he’s 2 and their main joy of life is to destroy everything they touch. Luckily he was in a gentle mood and we didn’t break anything.  

The Cinderella Experience in the palace itself doesn’t take that long but you can really take your time if you like. 

When we came out of the house we went into the chapel area where you will find the wishing tree. This was a beautiful touch where you write on the stars and add a wish onto the tree. Elliot loved hanging his star on the tree 🙂 which is strange as he sure loves pulling them off the bloody tree at home! 

Dress up:

After you have done this head over to the stables. This is any child (who like dress up) idea of heaven. This place has been transformed into the best childs wardrobe of dress up i have ever seen. prince, princess, Knights etc you will find an outfit in here along with lots of props. 1st thing Elliot went for……a swrod then proceeded to twat and jab me with an eerie accuracy that has mad me think maybe i should get him into fencing.

I even managed to get him to try on the glass slipper. fit him like a glove. I did have to chase the little bugger down though he was making a run for it in a pair of kids glitter heels while wielding a sword and twatting anything in his path! we were done that was enough imaginative play for the day.

I had planned to do some more bits with him but this is when i realised i’d just deleted all the videos so i was in a pretty shit mood and wanted to head home. I was starting to get hangry too. 

When i did go back the next day i went around the market too. I bought a couple of little bits and if it wasn’t so early i reckon i could have some the rounds and got drunk from all the alcohol tasters!

Would i recommend it? yes do i prefer Waddesdon? yes. I wouldn’t personally go and do the Cinderella experience on a weekend as i can imagine its pure hell. Though i know not everyone has a general disdain for the general public.


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