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Yesterday we had the bright idea to head to Waddesdon Manor straight from school with the kids and for once it wasn’t a shit idea!

We’ve never been to see the Lights over Christmas before and now i feel like we missed out. This place slaps the tits off any other light displays we’ve ever seen! (Credit to Shar for that quote)

Whats even better is that its free if you’re a National Trust member. Unlike being a pass holder at Blenheim were they still charge you a bomb to see their light show. Blenheim can shit right off.

Waddesdon Manor Christmas carnival has more than made up for their shit Halloween this year. If you’re on the fence about going jump down and get there now!

When we arrived it was so quiet we actually got a parent and child space! we’ve been to Waddesdon Manor loads and this has never ever happened! We decided to pay to go into the house while it was still fairly light when the big lights kicked in. The house was an Extra £10 for us to go in which was fine. We normally hate the houses especially with kids.

Got to the house and the staff offered us trails for the kids one for the boy and one for the little girl…..Elliot has blonde curly hair so always gets mistaken for a girl. We headed in and this is when his coughing fit started. We decided to hold back so he didn’t vom on the Manor carpet. At this point one of the women were apparently telling us to keep “her” quiet!! My husband didn’t tell me this at the time and thankfully i didn’t hear them or i’d have ripped them a new arsehole! Anyway he Vommed and i did the instinctive thing and caught it…..with my bare hands! we cleaned up the splash back off the floor and Chris headed back out with Elliot to let me and Clark have a look. You should have seen their mortified faces!

Next Clark started hunting for the clues, He found the 1st one on the Christmas tree and he pulled the star off. Not going well! the steward then came up and made a shitty comment about Clark not being able to resist touching it. I fixed it and put it a little higher so no other kids would have to fight the urge.

After that it was plane sailing. The Manor was stunning inside and each and every other member of staff was helpful and polite. Clark loved the lights and the Trail so i would highly recommend getting one for the kids if you go in (They’re free)

Got out just in time to see the start of the light show on the front of the house! stunning, the music made it even better especially with the Christmas market in the background.

We regrouped and went in search of the lights. It didn’t take us long to find them. We went by the Alice walk and just before you get there they have their wigwam or Yurt up which is lovely with the open fires (not really open but they don’t want kids falling in)

Right next to this you will see two panels saying tap. Kids headed straight for it and realized that tapping them changed the colors of the trees! they were hooked.

We then went off and did the Alice walk…i’ll be honest you cant see much in the dark but its decorated with baubles from local schools. I think this would be better viewed in the day time.

When we got to the bottom we headed to the tunnel of light behind the stable! again absolutely perfect I’ve never seen anything like it in my life and the creepy as shit music was spot on too! After running up and down that a few times we headed back up the top to the Aviary area…

Slap my tits this just got better! the floor lights were awesome going down the hill then we went through more colourful trees to a section which for me was one of the best…..The tree guns!

Now they aren’t called tree guns but it what we’ve christened them. You press a colored button and it shoots out say a red light into the pitch black, It vanishes then a second later the trees in the distance turn the colour you pressed!!!!!! Holy shit balls amazing!

After that we headed down another tunnel of light and on the other side was the most beautiful sparkly disco tree I’ve ever seen in my life! (The only one I’ve ever seen might i add)
At this point the kids were tired but still going we decided to call it a night and head home.

We grabbed McDonalds on the way home…..The only Mcdonalds i’ve been to (I Can assure you that’s a lot) That takes the fast out of fast food. I don’t care if they’re new. Its a multi million pound company they should have been prepared. Shower of shit that was. We wont be going back for a while that’s for sure.

Distance from Bicester: 28mins
Sat nav: Waddesdon, Aylesbury HP18 0JH
Wheelchair friendly: yes
Equipment upkeep: 10/10
Cleanliness: 10/10
Facilities: 10/10
Age range: All ages
Safety: 5/10 take a torch for some darker areas
Fun factor: 10/10
Dog friendly: In selected areas. Check first

Anyway back to Waddesdon. Although i caught vomit with my bare hands, Walked round stinking of sick for the rest of the evening and Clark nearly broke the Christmas tree. It was a perfect night. I couldn’t recommend it enough. you and your kids will love it and if you don’t you’re all dead inside.

I just wanted to say that i 100% have not been paid to do this review (wish i had) i wasn’t invited to their posh event haha maybe they don’t like my colourful language who knows.This is my honest opinion.

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 Let me know what you think or if you plan to go any time soon. Heres there website with prices if youre not a National trust member. HERE

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