Christmas 2018


Glow 2018 at Wisley. Proof that sponsored Facebook posts do work haha. Saw this bad boy pop up on my news feed and wanted to go.

Realised it was about an hour and 10 away so that was the kids out of the question. Who you going to call? SHELLEND! Aka Shelly.

Child free

Convinced her to come with me instead. She even drove too….she’s seen my parking and obviously values her life. It’s an easy drive apart from the short time spent on the bastard M25. Literally impossible to go onto that motorway and not get stuck in traffic! I admit I was shitting it a bit after getting the tickets. I was worried that it was going to end up being crap and put Shelly in a bad mood. She’s a very little and mostly angry all of the time (just like having the kids with me anyway)

Got there parked up, grabbed a coffee and jumped in the small queue. Within 5 mins we were in! From the off it was nice. Well organised, friendly staff and above all else not too busy.

Wear suitable footwear

It was full of oldies though hobbling about in the dark and attempting to use technology. Realised I’ve also just described myself! It’s dark Be careful. Rack of your slag boots and the 5 inch heels and put a pair of flats on before you break your face!

The whole trail is easy to navigate round. Just follow the fairy lights.

The place is huge and has made me really want to go go in the day light in the summer. So much room to run about and so much to see and do. I could tell this even though it was pitch black.

Light sculptures

The light sculptures are stunning all flower themed etc. The one’s in the water were some of my favourites. We took our time through the light tunnels and made our way through the gardens. Then we set our eyes on the main attraction…..

The big fuck off green house/ Glass room. I’m not on about the type your granddad grows his tomatoes in. The one where he browses through his dirty magazines while your Nan cooks liver and onion for tea. Oh no this place has different climates under the 1 roof and a waterfall!!

Its positioned on the backdrop of a huge lake. Through the glass you can see all the lights. If my camera wast so shit i’d have got a better photo. 

Inside is simply beautiful. Not only are  there lights everywhere its a gardeners dream. Every type of plant you can imagine. I don’t know the difference from a bloody weed and a plant but even i was Impressed!  


The main are in here next to the Waterfall was what  i would describe as the fairy garden. Well it actually looks like robin hoods tree village decorated in lights. Its so cute. The kids would have bloody loved it. Ah well unlucky guys.

There were more areas to walk round in here and once we were done here we headed out to finish the trail. There were plenty of toilets so don’t worry about packing your Tena ladies you’ll be fine. 

More lakes and ponds with oddly shaped lanterns guiding the way. Might be me but i reckon they look like shallots.


There’s a huge mistletoe walk through which would make a lovely photo for all those cringey couples out there that like public displays of affection. I could see Shelly looking at me longingly. Shit off love I’m married. I think she was getting taken away in the moment bless her. 

There’s a big dinosaur head in the middle of a lake which seemed a bit random but hey its a dinosaur, Kids love dinosaurs. 


There was also a nice interactive area where you could press buttons and change some lights. At this point Shelly was becoming a little aggressive towards the children on the buttons so i had to explain the wait your turn rule again. It was getting late and i think she was becoming Hangry or tired….Don’t think she’d had a nap. 

We finished off the trail and loved every min of it. We were able to take our time too and not be swamped by crowds of people. 

The gift shop is lovely. As you expect some things were shit the bed expensive but some bits were ok. Managed to finish my Christmas shopping in there anyway. They did have a Dodgy Strawberry decoration which to me just looked like a box of fannies. Have a look in the photo’s 

Glow 2018 at Wisley stats:

Distance from Bicester: 1 hour 7
Sat nav: Wisley Ln, Wisley, Woking GU23 6QB
Wheelchair friendly: Yes 
Equipment upkeep: 10/10
Cleanliness: 10/10
Facilities: 10/10
Age range: All ages
Safety: 5/10 its bloody dark!
Fun factor: 7/10
Dog friendly: No 


For £11 a ticket (as none members)  its well worth the money and the drive. Its a lot cheaper than Blenheim may not be as impressive (wouldn’t know as i haven’t been) and it’ll probably work out the same once you pay for Fuel. 

Its something different and you could make a day out of it….Well do something else in the day because it doesn’t start until 4pm. 

I’m not sure if it better than Waddesdon than Glow 2018 at Wisley or not. Although its the same idea they’re both very different and equally as nice. 

Glow 2018 at Wisley is lovely if you can be arsed to drive that far. We both had a great time doing so. Went to spoons for food afterwards and had my 1st shit meal in the Penny black though shame. 

Check out the lights at Waddesdon HERE
For more info and tickets for Glow 2018 at Wisley their website is HERE

Video here:

Photos here 

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