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Coral Reef Waterworld, Bracknell with Zoggs

As a few of you may know we had the pleasure of visiting Coral Reef waterworld to try out their new state of the art water slides at the same time as testing out the new Zoggs DC swim wear range. I can say now it was a bloody good night. 

Straight from school 

This was a 5.30pm -7.30pm session. We arrived a little earlier because we picked the kids straight up from school and headed straight over. Huge car park no issues there and when we arrived we headed straight up to their cafe for a few drinks before we could get into out new Zoggs gear. The cafe is a great viewing place or as we saw it a great way to wind the kids up because when they laid their eyes on it they were ready to go. Had to stop Clark from stripping off in the cafe. That would have been a great start to the evening, Being kicked out for indecent exposure! thanks Clark.

Quiet time 

The pool at this time looked fairly quiet so that might be a good tip for future if you’re thinking of going but want to avoid weekends especially as they’re open fairly late! If you hadn’t heard Coral reef water world was shut last year for a £13 million refurbishment! holy shit balls that’s a lot of money i must admit i was expecting the pool to be lined with gold and all the life guards to be body doubles of Tom Hardy and Channing Tatum.

Alas my hopes were soon shattered when i didn’t spot any look alikes. The cost of 1 waterslide alone must be enough to buy a few mansions in Beverly hills. If you’ve been before the refurbishment then you’ll notice that a huge amount of the main pool hasn’t changed which personally we didn’t mind because we loved the old Coral reef anyway.  

Elliots new swim wear

Zoggs kindly kitted us all out i picked a snazzy bat man muscle vest for Elliot which was a buoyancy aid and a pair of their hipster swimmer. When he had the whole outfit on i did have to let out a little laugh he looked like a young fan of the village people. At first i thought he was going to get annoyed with the vest and try and take it off but not once did he even try. I’m putting this down to how easy it was for him to move around in it and the fact that the zip was at the back (genius) so even if he wanted to he wouldn’t have been able to reach with his tiny T-Rex reach anyway. 

Clark’s new swim wear 

Clark had the same pair of hipster pants as Elliot (i love making them match) hes a lot more confident in the water but we did have his old faithful Zoggs arm bands and goggles at the ready. He loved mucking about with the Superman Float and the super man swim toy too. The Superman DC line is perfect for Clark because us as mean geeky parents named him after Clark Kent (superman if you live a sheltered life) 

Husbeasts swim wear 

The husbeast had a pair of snazzy swim shorts in a shark print. I must admit i was so tempted to put him in a pair of tight superman Jammers but bless him we’ve been married for a while now so we’ve both let ourselves go a bit and caved into cake or in his case beer! so he no longer has the physique for them. Plus we didn’t want to offend anyone or give them another reason to boot us out!

My swimsuit 

Me….Now i could have gone with a bikini but i’m not kitted out with the body of an Australian supermodel so i soon scrapped of that idea. What i did go for was the Soft Nature Ruch Front Swimsuit which funnily enough has now gone on sale! (maybe they saw me in it and thought they best rack it off quickly) i picked the ruched front because i was hoping it would disguise my many cake shelves (one up from a muffin top.

Im close to having a bakery if i carry on eating crap) Its a nice design hides the majority of the wobbly bits and keeps my rack in place too! don’t get me wrong i was a little dissapointed when i put it on and it didn’t instantly transform me into a supermodel but i cant blame Zoggs for not being able to perform miracles. Though they tried their best!

Let the fun Begin 

Anyway enough about my wobbly bits onto the fun. This place is awesome If your kids like water they’ll love it here. There so much for them to get on with. Pretty much suited to all ages too. Its warm which is a big bonus for me. So no stepping in and running off because your body has gone into shock with the cold and shut down. Its like walking into a warm bath the kids were straight in!

Pirate ship 

The pirate ship is awesome. You can fire the water cannons into the faces of unsuspecting swimmers below and laugh as they try to swim out of the way. The slide down side of the pirate ship is perfect for little ones. They will go be up and down over and over and over again. Just make sure they wait until its clear of other kids at the bottom before they shoot down. This applies to adults too although some don’t think it does!

The whole kids area is brilliant there’s so much for them to play with including dam building, Sensory activities, more slides and little tipping buckets too (i got caught twice with those buggers though) Its shallow enough for them to walk in with no worries and its a gradual decline before it gets too deep. That should be plenty of time to grab them before they try and give themselves a Viking Burial.


The volcano is awesome. There’s an alarm that goes off and a countdown before it explodes but my god when it erupts its bloody powerful. Little advice don’t walk into its path especially not face first like i did. That water will slap you in the face harder than a wife that’s just caught her husband doing the dirty! Clark absolutely loved being thrown into it though. the snake near the lazy river were a bit safer to go into head first if you ask me. Now the lazy river i wasn’t too keen on this part i thought we were supposed to be the lazy ones not the actual river! however its good that the current is so strong it’ll drag you under which in hindsight is pretty ideal for the kids.

New water slides 

No More beating around the bush. We all want to know what the water slides were like right? Brilliant! there were only 3 open for this event but the ones that were, Were great ! even Elliot was allowed on the family one! he loved it! My favorite party was getting to pick which theme you wanted as you shot down the slides.

I had a few goes so tried a fair amount out and each one was as cool as the last. The family slide has a transparent section which goes over the steps, When its busy everyone’s going to see your arse make sure its clean, shaved and try not to give yourself a wedgie! Talking of Wedgies i got a nasty one as i came off the double rubber ring slide! i had to use Clark as a human shield while i fished it out! 

Coming off the family slide wasn’t any better. The water is much deeper at the bottom and i didn’t want Elliot to go under so i held him up and as i did this i swear i felt something snap in my lady garden! my god did that hurt! i had to pop to the toilet and make sure all was still where it should be! (thankfully it was)


We had loads more fun going round trying out the equipment, The giant Jacuzzi was great Clark loved sitting behind the waterfalls, we all had a throw about with the Zoggs pool games they’d supplied….until Elliot threw the weighted ball a little to hard into tone of my tits that is! Ouch!!! We could have spent hours in that place and not gotten bored but time was getting on and we needed to get the kids fed and home.

More to see next time 

There were lots of bits we didn’t try out. Like the adult only the spa bits but we weren’t too fussed about that. Some of the other bloggers tried these areas out and i have heard nothing but good things. So if you do get a chance to ditch the kids for a few mins why not try it out.

Changing rooms 

We headed out and got changed in the huge unisex changing rooms. We bagged a family changing room which looked bigger than our 3rd bedroom at home! it was a game of risk taking your kit off with Elliot in the cubicle though the little bugger kept opening the door when we had nothing on! no one wants to see that! The lockers are £1 returnable although watch it when you open them we lost the only 2 £1 coins because they rolled away. We had to leave the locker unlocked in the end.

After we were all changed and out of the changing rooms we headed to the mirror room as i call it. Free hairdryers!!! and not those crappy ones where the tube always end up broken so it feels about as strong as someone farting on your head! The first time i looked in the mirror i reaslised that not 1 single person had bothered to tell me about my panda eyes! not even the husbeast (cheers douche) We Got given a goodie bag on our way out too whoop! i mention this because if you’re lucky you could win it 🙂 (I’m Nice like that)

Zoggs DC goodie bag giveaway

Food then home 

We Chose to head out and grab a McDonalds on the way home……wish wed eaten at the cafe upstairs now. The queue for McDonalds was massive! there was no turning back once we were in it though the kids had seen it we were doomed!

So the kids had been fed and watered. After 5 mins on the road they were both out for the count. Even better we managed 2 successful transfers with no wake ups!!!! Amazing!

Coral reef stats: 

Distance from Bicester: 1 hour 11ish 
Sat nav: Coral Reef, Nine Mile Ride, Bracknell RG12 7JQ
Wheelchair friendly: There are special designed showers for disabled people. 
Equipment upkeep: 10/10 few parts need a bit of tlc but nothing terrible
Cleanliness: 10/10
Facilities: 10/10
Age range: All ages
Safety: 7/10 i doubt id give anything with water a 10/10
Fun factor: 10/10
Dog friendly: I didn’t ask but i’m going to hazard a guess with no!


We were lucky enough to go to a bloggers event. I am fully aware that this place can/probably will be rammed a lot of the time. My advice would be if you hate busy. Give them a call before hand and find out what their quieter times are and maybe go then. If your not fussed embrace the fun and chaos your kids and you will love it!

Im adding some links of the swim bits we had from Zoggs too in case you’re on the lookout for more kit. Just a little note i don’t get Commission if that’s what your thinking. We received our swimwear for free and attended the event for free for the purpose of writing this review.


My Swim suit: In the sale. I would also like to add i looked nothing like the model. Click HERE

Husbeasts shorts: Now also in the sale…i’m starting to get a complex here. Click HERE

Elliots Batman swim vest: If only they did it in men’s my husband would finally have a six pack! Click HERE

The Boys swim shorts: Or hot pants as i call them. Also now on sale. I now have a complex. Click HERE

The whole DC range can be viewed HERE too.

Coral Reef website can be found HERE

Video and photos 

I apologies for the crappy quality of the photos we were trying out the new waterproof camera! needless to say its a bit crap for taking photos!


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