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What a great find this bad boy was! I’m slowly working through my mammoth list of places to visit and review. Sunday it was the turn of Black park country park Slough.

Huge film set 

On the way i also found out that this woodlands is one of the most famous woodlands for film sets! It has featured in so many films including every single Harry potter film (forbidden forest) star wars, sleepy hollow, Dr who and even Monty python films! Which all makes sense as its right next door to pinewoods studios!

This place is huge! I honestly didn’t get the chance to do even half of it. Bags were packed with a picnic aka £3 Tesco meal deals because i just couldn’t be arsed to make separate sandwiches for everyone. Is it just my family that all like different fillings?

Was just under an hour away. Could have been quicker if the twat nav hadn’t sent us down some dirt tracks!

Car park 

Huge car park but it was absolutely rammed. Still found a space, luckily the husband drove because i can’t park for shit!

We parked right near the go ape which instantly got Clark super excited because he thought we were going there haha don’t be daft we had no plans to spend money on anything other than parking and a cup of tea for me!

We headed over to the area where everyone else was walking. The whole time Clark begging to go into the go ape. To be honest I don’t blame him it looked awesome. We did the usual and said “maybe next time” which in parent talk mean shit all chance.

Snack hut

We popped over to the little bit which sold snacks and hot drinks and the woman working there was really lovely!! It’s not often you come across places like this when the staff actually seem happy. The toilets are also situated here so make sure you kids go before they get to the furthest point away and declare they need the toilet. In all fairness there are enough trees if they did decide to go at the most annoying time.

We decided to walk into the woods and head towards the lake. Luckily the kids were in good spirits so they were happily waddling along picking up sticks and trying to twat each other with them.


We headed round the lake and started following the signs towards the playpark. The lake has to be one of the cleanest lakes I’ve seen! The water was crystal clear. We even saw some terrapins sunning themselves on a log with the birds.

The kids were climbing in trees, throwing pebbles into the water and having a great time. The weather was brilliant. They soon got hungry so promised them the meal deals once we go to the park.

1st play area 

1st park was brilliant really busy but plenty of benches to sit and eat. The park is perfect for all ages! Lovely soft wood chip flooring. They even had a go on the springy face twatter and didn’t smash their faces! (They grow up so quick) the play park is set under the tree canopy so will offer some shelter from the sun if it gets too hot. Annoyingly it made it hard to get decent photos.

Right next to the park is the main cafe with more toilets etc and right next to the lake. It was rammed! Glad we went to Tesco! The queue was out the door fuck that! Looks like it’s be good on quieter days though.

Walked round the lake some more and watched people feed the ducks and swans (We always forget the duck food oops) they kids spotted a remote control boat whizzing round so watched that for a while too. We circled back round to the hut were we started and refueled the kids sugar levels with and ice cream. Elliot straight away bit the bottom off his Cornetto then had a shit fit because it fell out the bottom. Thank god I had back up Haribo!

Go ape 

We headed down the side of the go ape bit and watched some people zip wire through the trees and laughed at some chubby guy face plant the floor at the end. Then we carried on through the forest making sure we didn’t get run over by the segways in the process.

Alice’s wonderland

The kids at the point were starting to moan about being tired but then we spotted through the trees our saviour! I mean wow! What a little gem! Alice’s wonderland. It was a really cool quirky giant tree house style play area with fairy doors, slides and cool hidey holes. It said for children over 5 but Elliot was fine as long as we were with him. Clark found some other children playing catch and joined in. He had a great time everyone was playing nicely it was lovely.

We decided to walk back to the car and head home after here after the kids were pooped we took the indirect route through the forest. If you do this be careful you don’t get taken out by anyone zipping through the trees. I’m not sure we were meant to go this way but ah well sod it we did anyway. The kids were collecting leaves to make a leaf crown later (we still haven’t done that yet)

Black park country park’s stats 

Distance from Bicester: 54mins
Sat nav: Black Park Rd, Slough SL3 6DS
Wheelchair friendly: yes
Equipment upkeep: 9/10
Cleanliness: 9/10
Facilities: 10/10
Age range: All ages
Safety: 8/10
Fun factor: 10/10
Dog friendly: Yes in most areas


This place is amazing! And free apart from the parking. Some people moan about parking but I have no issues paying money for such a well looked after clean space! Everyone was having a great time. Dogs are allowed and I say no dog shit anywhere not even a bag of turd hanging from a tree! I would recommend this place and rate it as highly as Rushmere. We will 100% be going back to delve deeper into the woods and find some of the film set locations! Of you do go I’d recommend taking scooters or bikes the paths are perfect for it. You can hire bikes there but not sure on the prices.

You can find their website HERE

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