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Last Sunday we decided to visit one of our old favorites. I know i have already written a review about Rushmere country park but that was old. I like to keep you up to date with all the cool stuff and right now Rushmere has their Winter fairy Trail.

This place is without doubt great! if i had one of those fake award ceremonies this would be the winner for a lot of categories for The Family Ticket!

You will find something new every single time you go here its just that big. Want to hide the body of your annoying husbeast? do it here. No one will find him 😉 

The place is so well looked after by rangers who genuinely give a shit about their jobs. This reflects on the park. There are no bins in the Forest because you need to take your own shit home! this applies to dog shit too. That being said I’ve yet to come across a single dog turd on the path’s.

Your kids will love you for taking them here. If they have an imagination then this is the place to take them. Even i get carried about with knocking on the fairy doors to see if anyone’s in. I’d really shit myself if a fairy answered one day though. If they were like Ben and Holly i think i’d be ok (Love that kids show).


Right onto the Trail. Its super cute to start with. Only £2 and you get a ribbon to tie onto the wishing tree. This tree is stunning with all the rainbow of ribbons hanging from it too.

This trail sets you on a smaller loop which is doable for younger kids. This Trail has the most interaction for them too. You may want to still take a pram for the 2’s and under but Elliot coped just fine with enough rest’s 

The fairy doors themselves are a permanent fixture so you can see these all year round. These are well made decent sized doors hidden amongst the trees too. All you can hear along the main route is squeals of delight from kids who’ve found another door. 

The woodland Fairies are what had been added to this trail. These aren’t what you expect either. These are adult sized beautifully carved/ slighty haunting looking fairies that have been hidden around the trail. They aren’t too hard to find. Each of them has a name and a job. Its your kids job to find out what they do and fill out the trail. They have made this educational as well as interactive.

Around this trail you will also find other carvings like benches and chairs they even have a giant Spider!! this place is not to be missed even if it is freeze your tits off weather. Wrap up and get there. The beauty of it is its free too! you have to pay for parking but i class that as a free day still. It’s only £3 for all day too.


After you have done the trail if you wanted more then go and explore the rest. There’s a huge wooden gate with stunning carvings, a creepy lake that looks like something out of a horror film, a real swamp (my boys still haven’t seen Shrek though) a huge slide as seen in the video, a smaller play area and so so so much more. I can’t recommend this place enough if you’ve been and dont like it then there is something wrong with you.

I do unfortunately have a downside which is a total shame but i’m honest. Its the cafe! it’s so hit and miss, Mostly miss that we’ve given up eating there. Their menu is good and it has so much potential but its just for lack of a better word. SHIT. We do grab drinks from there but you can only have sit in drinks so don’t do a me and queue for ages for a tea to be told they don’t do takeaway and that we need to go to the outside cabin!

There are so many places to have a picnic though like we did on Sunday despite how cold it was. Clark decided to gross us all out with his jam and Pringle sandwich. That child has the appetite of a weird craving pregnant woman.


Distance from Bicester: 45mins
Sat nav: Old Linslade Rd, Heath and Reach, Linslade Road LU7 0EB
Wheelchair friendly: yes although bumpy in parts 
Equipment upkeep: 10/10
Cleanliness: 9/10
Facilities: 10/10
Age range: All ages
Safety: 5/10 its a forest its never going to be a 10/10
Fun factor: 10/10
Dog friendly: Yes and your dogs will love you for it!

I’ve added another video for you to have a nosy at which you can view below. Along with some photo’s of the day. If you wanted to read the old review that has more photo’s of the other area’s that we didn’t visit this time around. You can read that HERE



If you want to see their website for more info you can find that HERE

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