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Blackthorn Play Park

Yesterday I took the skids to an awesome play park in blackthorn! Seriously shocked I’ve never been to Blackthorn play park before or heard anything about it. (Thank you to the lovely lady that suggested I visit)

Parked in the small car park easily. At first I thought it was residential parking but don’t worry you’ll be fine. Got the skids out and boom they were off quicker than the grand national horses. They were impressed from the off as was I. Huggggeeee space filled with my favourite type of play park….wooden and fenced in!

So Quiet 

I must admit I was shocked and also a bit saddened that we were the only people in the whole of the play park from start to finish. I mean it’s nice from a parents perspective because you can scream at your kids like you do at home and not have to pretend otherwise. On the other hand the skids love playing with other kids. If this park was in central Bicester it’d be rammed!

Skids were straight on the climbing frame and yes it’s big and has plenty of places for little ones to plummet but its also easily Accessible for the parents to walk alongside the little ones holding their hands which is what i did for Elliot and wow did he love that!!

Clark loved the zip wire! Which amazingly was on the far side of the field away from kamikaze toddlers! He also loved the assault course or balancing course whatever its called Elliot again joined in with me holding his hand.

Slightly Better for older kids 

I’ll lay it straight this isn’t a park you can sit down and chill drinking gin and tonic wondering how long until the kids go back to school if you have younger kids. It’s better suited to older kids say fro 4ish plus if that’s what you’re after. I didn’t mind running round making sure the little lemming didn’t dive off anything head first. He loved it and at the same time loved just running around the open fields, over the little bridges, into the woodland etc

There’s plenty of picnic space and benches to sit round. You will need to take supplies if you’re planning on spending any amount of lengthy time there as we didn’t see any shops or toilets! ( plenty of bushes though)

Willow tunnels 

Ooo almost forgot they also have this strange natural growing maze/tunnel thing which I can imagine once the plants have fully grown will be even more amazing! The skids loved it playing hide and seek, badly might i add. I mean they can’t play a decent game of hide and seek but when I need them to brush their teeth they turn into bloody mini Houdini’s!!

Anyhow I could yap on about this park for ages but have a look at the photos and tell me what you think and if you’ve been before let me know 🙂

Blackthorn play park stats: 

Distance from Bicester: 7 mins
Sat nav: Blackthorn Cl, Blackthorn, Bicester OX25 1TR Click for Directions 
Accessibility: 5/10 pretty dependant on driving
Wheelchair friendly: Yes although a bit hilly in areas
Equipment upkeep: 8/10 (few bits need maintenance but not on the main parts just the surrounding play equipment. Nothing dangerous)
Cleanliness: 8/10
Facilities: 4/10 cafe, toilets, parking etc
Age range: all ages but best for 4/5 plus
Safety: 8/10
Fun factor: 10/10


Genuinely loved this play park. We will be going back again and I’d strongly recommend if you can get there go. Oh and take a football, kite etc and enjoy the space and quiet. Take a load of you and I reckon you’d have the whole park to yourselves. Kids party on the cheap maybe??

For more free play parks in the area have a look HERE

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