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Brownsill Play Park

Following on from our Park Crawl the other day. We visited Brownsill play park in Greatworth and bugger me what an apt name of a village because this play area is greatly worth your effort to get here. I’m daring to say this but Brownsill play park has just jumped into my top 3. It really is that awesome i don’t think i can find one fault. 

Greatworth play park

Parking for us was fine we were the only people when we arrived.  Which i found strange because of the awesomeness of the park and the fact that its in the middle of housing and lots of kids about. There is a big sign as you turn into the road asking people using the park not to block drives and to be respectful of the residents. It goes without saying really and its the least we can do. 

Wrong Turn (not like the film) 

First off we took the wrong turn while we were walking to the park. I instinctively headed to a huge open field and although i soon realised the park wasn’t there it was a chappy coincidence that we found a huge football field and an absolutely massive skate ramp. There were kids on scooters playing. They have some guts to do that i can tell you. 

Brownsill play park Skate ramp Greatsworth

Anyway went the other way (only about a min walk) and soon found the magical Brownsill play park nestled in a field surrounded by the back of loads of houses. It was totally encased apart from 3 entrances. It was awesome i felt instantly at ease. 

Huge Park 

Brownsill play park is huge. Possibly one of the best equip, accessible and relaxing parks i have ever been too. We could easily spend hours here and in all fairness we were there for a quick 90 mins on the way home. I can hand on my heart say that i cant imagine anyone not liking this park unless there’s something going on that i don’t know about. 

Brownsill park

The only thing that i would say that might put people off is the huge sign forbidding children older than primary school age from using Brownsill play park. Now i only have younger kids so unfortunately i cant comment on whether this would put you off from going or whether older kids don’t like play parks any more anyway. For now i’m selfishly enjoying it though. 

Big Boy Frame 

I will try and put the park into 4 sections (i said it was big) and i will start with what the boys went on first which was the huge bugger of a frame directly in front of their eyes. It was a huge timber beast of a frame and although aimed at the older of the primary ages Elliot could safely get up the ladder to do down the slide over and over again. Be careful of the slides they came shooting out faster than Katie Prices last baby!

Greatworth park Play Park

There is so much to this first frame and if I’m honest if they had just this on its own i would have still been impressed. There’s a rope bridge (Large gaps at the end so had to keep an eye on Elliot there) a huge cargo net attached to the pick up stick style log frame which amazingly had another net underneath to what i can only assume is to catch all the falling children. A rock climbing wall which Elliot is surprisingly agile with (helps keep him on form when hes climbing over baby gates) and 3 fairly big tree house style huts between each section which would be perfect for shelter if it pees it down suddenly. 


The second section is what i shall call the Limbo of Brownsill play park. Thats not meant in a bad way either its just the section in between the 2 frames where they have put the freestanding equipment like their seesaw (aka the tooth dis-lodgers) Their cargo net swing which i sat on swinging away for ages while the kids played. A couple of springy face twatters and some picnic benches. 


The next frame i will assume is the toddler frame and it is in my opinion the best toddler frame i have ever seen. You don’t need to worry about helping you little one climb up the ladder which they’re annoying just a fraction too small to do on their own because this bad boy has ramps!!!! beautiful relaxing gradual, wide, safe ramps. Once I’d done my safety check to make sure that Elliot couldn’t kamikaze over some lethal drop i resumed my my safe place on the cargo swing to watch while the boys played and not once did i have to tell them off or tell them to be careful. I have found my holy grail play park.

Toddler Frame 

On the toddler frame you will find a great slide ( not as fast at the other one but still great) a very gradual rock climber panel, a very safe wobbly bridge and 2 baby swings attached to the side. All nestled on top of the softest wood chip ready to embrace the face of your toddler for when the inevitability happens of them tripping over their own feet. 


Toddler park Greatworth playground

At the other end of Brownsill Play park you will find the last section which is the balancing course and if you’ve read any of my other park reviews we do love a good balance. Apart from the monkey bars which are actually the handle kind the boys could manage (Elliot with some help) the whole thing. They did this section a couple of times before buggering off again to play on the frames again. 

Brownsill Play Park Stats: 

Distance from Bicester: 26mins 
Sat nav: Peveril road, Greatworth, Northamptonshire, OX17 2EH Click to load sat nav
Wheelchair friendly: Yes 
Equipment upkeep: 10/10 
Cleanliness: 9/10 
Facilities:  No Facilities so take provisions (great bush in the corner though) 
Age range: From toddler to primary school age 
Safety: 9/10  
Fun factor: 10/10 
Dog friendly: No
Pushchair Friendly: Yes
Bikes and Scooters: Scooters maybe but not bikes (don’t forget the ramp too) 
Relaxability: The most relaxing park to date!


I have nothing but praise for Brownsill play park after writing the review it refreshed my mind and has made me realise it is my favourite play park to date.

I absolutely found this the most relaxing park i have ever been too. Its secluded, quiet and is surrounded by fencing. I love the way that you can see the whole length of the park. So if you have a younger one on the toddler frame at one end and an older sibling on the balancing course at the other end you can still see and communicate with them. Do what i did and sit in the cargo swing in the middle and watch both. 

play park

It is without doubt worth the drive. I cant imagine anyone not liking Brownsill play park. 

We will 100% be going back time and time again. I’m ever going to take the husbeast because we normally leave him at home when we go to arks. He’s the safety boy as Clark calls him. Hes crazily safety conscious which is ironic seeing how the incident with Clark’s collar bone at another park occurred. 


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