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Stunning setting for today’s park. Really took me aback. Sod the park i’m going to stare at the fields and pretend I can’t hear my kids arguing for the millionth time in the background while my husband tries to play referee. Gawcott park setting is lovely 

Anyhow back to Gawcott park. First off this park like Hethe park is fully fenced in!! Praise the Lord these types of park are few and far between. Not that I kept the boys caged in today. We had daddy with us so we could take one each!

Timber Frame 

It’s a lovely timber play area with a fab little train for the younger ones. Now the climbing frames are not toddler friendly. Don’t get me wrong the little suicidal maniacs will still manage to get to the top in the split second you take you eyes off them then decide they want to get down bungee style without the rope! It’s a bit of shame as the only slide in the park is attached to one of the frames.

For once Elliot didn’t mind because he absolutely loved the web swing, baby swings, the train and the metal bucket spinny thing.

Clark’s favourite was the zip wire which was placed outside of the fenced play area. Another absolute bonus no toddlers running into the line of fire trying to give the older kids feet a hug with their tiny faces. Elliot had a few goes on the zip wire too (while being held) the zip wire had a lovely backdrop of Apple trees and open fields over the fence. Elliot loved throwing the fallen apples. Not at our heads either for once. Even me and the husband had a go of the zip wire although we didn’t go very far as our weight ended up pulling us down and grounding the thing ?

Outside the fence

Outside the fence next to the zip wire was a double chain swingy thing (my descriptions are getting better aren’t they ?) brilliant bit of play equipment and one we haven’t seen in any other local park yet either. This one we could all have a go of (Elliot had to be held on again)

We were the only people using the park at the time too which is always lovely because its a bloody pain in the arse having to explain to a two year old that he has to wait his turn on things. There was however a family using the fields for a picnic and a game of football which was lovely.

They did have an assault course/balancing trail too on another side of the park outside of the fence too which Clark enjoyed.

Lots to do 

There really is a lot to do at this park. I’d say it’s best suited to 4years plus but toddlers still have enough to keep them happy….well for as long as its possible to keep them entertained anyway (approximately 6.2mins) its mostly grass beneath the equipment but after pulling apart some grass I could see some safety matting underneath. Personally i dont get this, to me it makes the job a bit pointless. After all the grass and dirt has regrown back over the flooring seems just as hard. However I’m no expert at all.

I know we can’t keep our kids safe all the time especially when a parks are involved but there are things I’ve noticed which help them hurt a lot less when they fall and boy do my boys fall a lot!

Plenty of parking here and lovely well kept fields perfect for games and kites. Take a picnic, take your friends enjoy your morning or afternoon. There aren’t any toilets (unless the you’re lucky enough to go when the clubhouse is open) lots of trees though 😉

Gawcott park stats

Distance from Bicester: 20 mins
Sat nav: Gawcott park, Gawcott, Buckingham MK18 4JF
Wheelchair friendly: yes
Equipment upkeep: 9/10 safety flooring in parts a bit broken
Cleanliness: 7/10 bins need emptying
Facilities: 6/10
Age range: All ages
Safety: 7/10 would be more if Elliot was older
Fun factor: 8/10
Dog friendly: yes

Gawcott park is a Lovely park. There are better ones out there but this is definitely worth a revisit for us and I’d highly recommend it to anyone. The views and setting alone is worth a high score. Go take a look for yourselves and let me know what you think.

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