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Hinksey Park Oxford

First full day back since our Holibobs in Devon and in true style i fuck up the car on the way back from Swimming. Only one thing for it. Take the kids to Hinksey park in Oxford. They love the train anyway and its been a while. 

Hinksey Park Oxford

Packed up the bag, shoved in a load of snacks and the rain coats and off we fucked to Hinksey park. 

Getting To Hinksey Park 

Getting there is more or less a piece of piss and you don’t even need to drive. In fact I’d be inclined to say its easier to get there on public transport. If you do decided to drive however there is parking. Today there was loads of spaces but when the weathers sunny you’ll probably find it easier to spot a unicorn. 

We got on the train from Bicester village station (hate that hell hole) then once we arrived and bought our tickets in Oxford because shock horror the ticket machine in Bicester village wasn’t working AGAIN!!. We walked over to get the bus (just outside the town hall). 

Oxford Train Station Hinksey Play Park

Now you could walk to Hinksey park its not far at all but the boys wanted to go on the bus. Its about a 3 min journey. Just ask the bus driver to let you know where to get off if you’re unsure. 

The bus stops right outside on the other side of the road and you’ll see the play park from the road. 

Hinksey Park Play Park 

We went into the play park first and the boys were off. Its a good sized park and perfect for a variety of ages. The only thing i wasn’t keen on is the access to the cool tunnel slide. I can see that they’re trying to make it better for older kids but when you put a slide like that in a park its like waving a red flag in front of a bull and asking it for a cuddle.

The best bit is the big sandpit. I wish i’d remembered about the sand because I’d have taken their buckets and spades. They were fine with all the winches and climbing about.

Hinksey Park Sand Pit

I did see the biggest springy face twatter I’ve ever seen in my life though. 

There are baby swings, normal swings, cargo net swings. A really cool roundabout which i couldn’t fit my fat arse on. In fact i reckon it must have been a fat arse that broke the old pedal roundabout that used to be there. Not seen a good pedal roundabout in years. 

What Else Is At Hinksey Park?

It was intermittently pissing it down so the splash park was off the cards today. However if you’re not fussed about the weather and you want the place to yourself then I’d recommend going on a rainy day. I mean they’re going to get wet anyway i suppose.

There were a few people still using the outdoor pool but i guess that’s heated. I think we’ll head over on a rainy day to try that one out. There was only around 3 people in there and the kids would still love it. Little note, the splash park is free but the outdoor pool is chargeable. 

Hinksey Splash park Geese and gulls

Outside the pools you’ll find the pond. Ponds a bit mingin and the gulls are a bunch of motherfuckers. Clark dropped a crisp and then it turned into a scene out of that horror film Birds. Geese, ducks and gulls swarmed on us and chased us the whole length of the pond…..probably because as Clark ran, more and more Crisps feel out of the packet. Elliot found it all highly amusing.

There is a big lake too although you’re not supposed to swim in it i have seen a fair few teenagers swimming in there before. Its not somewhere I’d want to ever swim in. It looks like a lake out of a horror film. Fuck knows whats lurking below. 

Train Spotting 

Over the lake you’ll come across and equally as creepy bridge. Its massive and rusty but really impressive. Clark decided at this point as we crossed to tell us that if the floor fell out we’d all fall in and drown. Glad I’m spending all that money on swimming lessons for him and nice to know the level of faith he has in me too. 

We popped into sainsbury’s and picked up some lunch and snacks for the railway bridge. This is Clark’s absolute dream day. If you have train mad kids then you need to do this with them. 

We sit on the bridge have a picnic and watch loads of trains zooming past. Clark is on signal watch while Elliot throws his Crisps onto the track below (little git) there must be at least 1 train every 5 mins sometimes more. If you wave they normally give you a toot of their horn. The kids love it. 

Oxford Train Spotting

The bridge is well used so don’t go taking up a deckchair and a windbreak you’ll get in the way. There was a lovely bloke at the top that we were chatting away too who obviously sits there a lot. We also saw a nutty dog that as soon as he saw a train he’d just run in circles barking. Elliot was cracking up every time. 

It was time for us to head home again as the weather was getting worse. We collected shit loads of pine cones and lobbed them into the lake as we walked. 

Hinksey Park Stats: 

Distance from Bicester: 25 mins 
Sat nav: Abingdon Rd, Oxford OX1 4PZ Click to load sat nav
Wheelchair friendly: Yes but not the railway bridge 
Equipment upkeep: 7/10 
Cleanliness: 7/10 
Facilities: Toilets next to the play park. 
Age range: All ages 
Safety: 7/10  
Fun factor: 10/10 
Dog friendly: yes but not in the park, splash park or outdoor pool. 
Pushchair Friendly: Yes To get to the bridge don’t walk next to the lake. walk on other side of fence otherwise you’ll have to collapse the pram. 
Bikes and Scooters: Yes!! brilliant for them. 
Public transport: Train from Bicester village to Oxford (or just jump on the S5 from outside sainsbury’s) then walk to St Aldates and jump on the bus at bus stop H4. Lots of buses to chose from : X2, X3, X32, X38 and X40 (think there are more). Then get off at Newton Road and walk over the road. 


Hinksey park is an absolutely brilliant Free day out unless you’re counting transport and even then it cost under £10 which i think is a bargain. I now have to pay for Clark and he’s too tall to get away with pretending he’s under 5 anymore. 

You could very easily make a full day out visiting Hinksey park or if you fancied mixing it up a bit there’s loads to do for the kids in Oxford. I forget how much there really is to do just on our doorstep. 

Hinksey Park Pinecone throwing

The only bit i really hate is the traveling on the train. Those fuckers that visit Bicester village make my shit itch. The way they just attempt to get on the train before you get off is fucking nuts. I had a pram and some dumb twat started shoving his way on. Do what i do look them straight in the eyes shout move, then if they don’t ram the fuckers off the train. No excuse for ill manners. Don’t care what they’re used to i wont stand for it. 

Apart from that and the fact that we got soaked wet through on the way home. WE LOVE HINKSEY PARK! I’m sure loads of you have already been if not crack the fuck on its a brilliant day out. 


Have a look at their website HERE for more info 

For more days out near you have a look at the huge map HERE 


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