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What a little gem! Completely came across this by chance. By chance i mean I was totally lost looking for another park so pulled over to sort out the sat nav (I swear my sat nav has it in for me) then I spotted a gate with a sign for this park on.

Tricky Parking 

The only struggle I had here was parking and I’m pretty sure most people might find it difficult too. It doesn’t have designated parking area so we just parked along the roadside. Maybe with a bit more of a investigation you can find better parking but Elliot was starting to hulk out in the back because of mummies crap Nav. Had to walk along the road but its a fairly quiet road. A road with a fair few random scarecrow type things. One if the had a cows head. Couldn’t read the signs attached very well. I was just hoping I hadn’t walked into some scene out of deliverance….

Once you’re in this park there is no escape for the little ones! Double gated! It’s a play parks version of a high security prison its great! It’s perched on top of a hill and one of the first things I noticed was the view!! Wow really lovely across the countryside. It’s situated next to farmers fields and although the weren’t there when we visited it seemed like a cows field judging by the feeders and the size of the poo. Elliot would have loved this! The cows that is not the poo!


The park itself is a pretty cool timber structure with a farm theme running throughout. Huge tyres to climb in and over! Got to love a good tyre.

Older kids will be in heaven here that’s not to say younger ones cant enjoy it too but I’d say it’s better aimed for the more agile due to the climbing needed to gain the majority of the Equipment. Elliot’s found it easy enough to get up and down the slide though which he did over and over again. Flying down and off the end straight on his arse. No pain though because the flooring was the nice soft wood chipping.

Farmer play 

His favourite piece of equipment though had to be the tractor! Lovely addition especially with the big steering wheel. He was slightly pissed off at the lack of beep beep (horn) and made this known by repeatedly smacking the horn. Not sure what he thought it would achieve other than a bruised hand. If you can get your kid/s to sit still long enough you could get a cracking photo on it with the view in the background.

It has a zip wire way heyyy. It’s not segregated but does have a pretty steep verge in between so you at least have a head start to get to the toddler before they come face to face with a pair of boots. The flooring under the zip wire has started to become exposed so just be weary if you have a lanky kid that they don’t drag their feet and get tangled. It hurts when you trip up. I know this because i tripped up running while holding Elliot on the zip wire for the 5th time! All this running I should be a lot thinner than I am! God damn you Mr Kipling!

It has a a lot of swings! 2 baby swings, 2 older kids swings and a big net swing. Ow the net swing is a big hit with my kids. They go so high at times I clench. They honestly look like they’re going to fall out! Has anyone seen a child laying down fall out of one??

Willow Tunnel

It also has a nature tunnel. I’ve no idea if that’s what it’s called but its like the one at blackthorn park if you’ve been there (if not go its awesome) its pretty much a tunnel made from a plant. I’m no Charlie Dimmock (apart from when I take the bra off for the night) so I’ve no idea what plant this is. Feel free to enlighten me.

The whole park is pretty compact without being overcrowded but that may be because we were the only people in there. There’s a few benches and even a shelter for the inevitable crappy British weather which will soon descend upon us making what has been possibly the best summer, weather wise for as long as I can remember a distant memory.

There is a few down sides 1 being the path into the park its pretty uneven and steep so if you have mobility issues I’d say this is probably not the park for you. The 2nd being the big boulders on the edge of the drop down to the path. I’m sure they’ve kissed a kids face or two. Keep an eye out because that’s a potential hospital visit right there. 3rd is there isn’t a lot of room for ball games etc as I didn’t see any open space for kids and I doubt the cows would be happy having a ball booted in their udders!

Somerton play park stats:

Distance from Bicester: 20 mins
Sat nav: 10 Ardley Rd, Somerton, Bicester OX25 6NQ Click for directions 
Wheelchair friendly: no
Equipment upkeep: 8/10 zip wire flooring and the poor wooden cows lack of ears
Cleanliness: 9/10 very clean no dog poo in sight
Facilities: 2/10 roadside parking and bushes for seeing
Age range: All ages but better for 3+
Safety: 7/10 bit of a drop and the rocks
Fun factor: 9/10
Dog friendly: No dogs allowed.


All that being said I’d recommend this park especially if you’re after a quiet, well fenced in, isolated afternoon or morning. Have a nosey around the area. I’m pretty sure i saw the gate over had a footpath sign on it so could be good for a walk but we didn’t get the chance for more exploration. Sorry if the post has been a bit vanilla but hopefully this will appease some of the less tolerant of my reviews. It really is a good park I’m not just saying it for the sake of it. I don’t like to sugar coat in case you hadn’t figured it out. If you haven’t check out Souldern park review 

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