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Now I know I’ve been saying this a lot lately but WOW!! This is my new number 1 favorite play park. We spent ages here! When I say play park what i should have said is play parks. It’s like 3 separate parks all rolled into 1 big super park. Steeple Aston is about 2 mins away from Bicester and its a lovely drive through some pretty villages.

Parking is great I parked in the car park specifically for the play park which is the one after the village hall car park. I only did this because i missed the turning. I was in fact aiming for the village hall car park.

So i unloaded the devils. They were lucky we went anywhere yesterday after the level of terror they inflicted on me earlier in the day but i needed to get out of the house! They emitted a weird high pitch squeal as they clapped their eyes on this beaut (even I got a tad excited) I had to hold Elliot back from bolting across the car park and becoming a speed bump for an oncoming car.

Play area 1 

The first area is in such a lovely tree shaded setting right next to some playing fields too. It has the. Best. Slide. Ever! It’s the exact same style yellow spiral plastic one that’s in Cuttslowe park. The one that gives you static shocks and makes the kids hair stand on end. It has a trampoline, a tunnel, and lots of climbing timber frame bits. It even has a cute tree house. I get the impression that this section is the original park as it seemed older but by no means the worst bit! One thing i will say is the safety flooring is very sparse under this area so keep hold of the littler ones. Elliot was very confident going up the balancing beam to go down the slide about 50 times. I was a bit stressed at first but soon relaxed.

Play area 2 

The second section I didn’t notice at first but I’d say this is the newest addition again a great section but aimed for the slightly older kids with the zip wire, higher climbing beams and the climbing wall. There was another slide (metal) which the boys weren’t interested in. Their loyalties laid with the yellow spiral slide.

They did have a great net swing which the boys could go on together. Their favorite thing was the blue circle thing that moves when you walk on it. It was brilliant I’ve seen them before but they’ve never used one. Elliot lay down while Clark walked round it making it move. They probably played on this alone for half hour! Can guarantee if i bought one for the back garden they wouldn’t give two shits though! (Always the way)


The normal swings are great they’re a wide seat type so perfect for my wide behind to fit on and have a swing without the chains embedding into my Chub. However Elliot being the curly haired child of Satan wanted to sit on one too which I obliged however he wanted to be swung like his brother who’s has taught him to scream “higher fire” at the top of his voice (I don’t leave matches laying around for this reason).

So there they’re chanting at me while I point blank refused to push Elliot (that boy needs strapping in anything and everything) so being the delightful 2 year old that he is, He threw a wobbler at the exact time that I decided to give Clark a quick push. Anyway he literally catapulted forwards head first straight onto his face! Ah crap!! But thank the Lord no blood!! Phew so i can safely say the newly wood chipped safety flooring works!! Elliot has now decided to stick to the baby swings (mummy 1 Elliot 0) kinda wish I had it on film I could get £200 For that on you’ve been framed.

Play area 3 

The next section is the toddler/baby section again this is a bit older in style but still lots of fun. It has a train! Choo Choo! The whole area is covered in sand and even had a pit/jail in the center of the climbing frame that the kids can’t get out of hahaha genius. See if you can spot Elliot frown peeping over the top begging to be pulled out.

Fenced in 

This area is completely fenced in or at least it would be if it wasn’t for the child sized section of fence missing that every single child uses instead of the gate. Bit annoying but I’m sure you could shove a pram in front of you don’t want you child escaping. This area has the baby swings, springy seesaw and a bucket roundabout thing (one day I’ll learn the real names for them)

BMX track

I’ve been going on for a while but sorry that’s not it! Nope they have a ping pong table (bring you bats and ball) and just next to that is the BMX track! Seriously cool it’s only small and has a couple of jumps but we were lucky to see 2 young lads in there with their bikes. As soon as they saw Clark watching they rode over to him and asked him if he wanted to see them do some big jumps! Clark of course said yes and wow they were good!! Even I was clapping them. Such lovely lads (their parents should be proud) both my boys sat and watched them cheering on while having a little snack.

We then said our thankyou and goodbyes and played in the football pitch/cage for another half hour someone had left a ball in there but best to take your own in case.

Hide and seek 

We had a nice game of hide and seek and another play then it was time to hide the Bicester rock (see photo for reference) if you find this please let us know Clark will be chuffed to bits. We’ve hidden it near what I’m assuming used to be a water pump. shame it wasn’t working not sure if its off for good or not but looked like it would have been fun.

There is one thing that really peed me off a bloody dog turd right in the middle of the new park area on the brand new wood chip!! This makes my blood boil. Selfish bloody gits and dangerous. Lucky I never saw the owners or the dog. Apart from that the place was lovely and quiet with a few other families playing too. It was very clean and even had a toilet an outdoor sink and some coat hooks!

Steeple Aston stats : 

Distance from Bicester: 20 mins
Sat nav: Fir Ln, Steeple Aston, Bicester OX25 4SF  Click for Directions 
Wheelchair friendly: yes in parts
Equipment upkeep: 8/10 fence could do with a fix
Cleanliness: 9/10 the dog poo made it lose a point
Facilities: 9/10 toilets, parking, picnic benches
Age range: All ages
Safety: 8/10 lake
Fun factor: 10/10
Dog friendly: I think so but for the love of god clean up after them.


We spent so much time there this has knocked Ardley park of the top spot. We will be going again and next time we’ll probably have a walk round the village too. I’m sure I spotted a pub near by. Oh last hint/warning the new bit is raised up from the path down the side and a small one could easily fall onto the hard floor below so keep an eye out. Sorry if I’ve waffled on too long but I’m finally done :). If you’ve read this far give me a thumbs up and grab yourself a slice of cake for you’re perseverance.

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