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Gravitee Golf Oxford

We were invited to try out Gravitee golf Oxford a while ago. We didn’t have plans to visit in the half term but my selfish child got the pox instead. So after a lot of faffing we finally came up with the idea of going after school. Mostly because we hate people and busy places. (Don’t we all?)

Gravitee Golf

Gravitee Golf Oxford

We got our wish and when we arrived it was dead…..Perfect. There’s plenty of parking and lots to do in the area. Although I’ll be honest party man world is possibly one of the shittest most disgusting soft play I’ve ever step foot in. Do be careful when visiting when there’s an Oxford united home match on as I can imagine it’ll be crazy busy (Aka pure hell) 

We headed upstairs and the kids were super excited as soon as they realised what we were doing. I personally don’t like golf I put it on par with bowling it’s ok for a bit but I soon get bored. Maybe it’s something to do with balls I don’t like (hehe) 

Alien Gravitee Golf Oxford

There were 2 courses to pick from both with 18 holes. We were able to do both ( a small part of me died when I realised we’d be doing 36 holes) However Clark was beside himself with excitement when he realised. 

The whole of Gravitee golf Oxford is space themed in case the name hadn’t given it away. We headed over to our first course after grabbing the golf sticks as Elliot called them. 

What Was Gravitee Golf Oxford Like?

Now if any of you have been to junkyard golf its not really anything like that. It lasts a lot longer too and you get more bang for your buck in gravitee. However Gravitee isn’t as polished as junkyard but then its aimed at adults getting shit faced more than it is for the kids. 

I wouldn’t class Gravitee golf as crazy in fact its pretty simple and that’s coming from someone totally shite at golf. This makes it really good for the kids. Clark and the husbeast were taking it pretty seriously. I on the other hand was busy running round after Elliot that had fucked off his gold ball and had fashioned his “Golf Stick” into a gun.  

Crazy Golf Oxford

So I’m making sure Elliot doesn’t take a club to the aliens head while trying to dodge Clark’s shots. That child was twatting the ball like he was in a bloody driving range. It was pinging off the walls and heading straight for my face! 

I was pretty thankful it wasn’t busy. If it was busy Elliot wouldn’t have had the freedom to mooch about with his makeshift gun. In fact when we go again I don’t think we will take Elliot. My opinion is he’s too young. That’s not to say all 3 year old are too young but my 3 year old is a second born and has satanic tendencies.

The courses 

The courses are decorated pretty well to a childs eye. From an adults perspective i guess parts can be a bit unimpressive. However there are parts that are also really impressive. 

The huge spaceship on one of the courses is really cool. In fact the course takes you inside for some of the holes and this was pretty cool. By this point Elliot was well and truly gone. Our time was spent taking it in turns making sure he hadn’t done a runner. 

space ship gravitee golf Indoor golf Oxford

The other course has a UV room so if you do go get your kids to wear white for extra effect. This was possibly Elliot favourite room. Clark was still going strong and showed no signs of stopping at all. He was happy as Larry and his form had massively improved. 

Mine and the husbeasts however was well and truly gone. We were done, ready for food and home. For dinner we decided to head to Frankie and Bennys and honestly. We should have gone to bloody McDonald’s after the shower of shit we had in there. 

Gravitee Golf Stats: 

Distance from Bicester: 32 mins 
Sat nav: Ozone Leisure Park, 9&11, Grenoble Rd, Oxford OX4 Click to load sat nav 
Wheelchair friendly: Yes 
Equipment upkeep: 6/10 
Cleanliness: 10/10 
Facilities: Everything you need
Age range: I’d say from age 4 plus but still doable for 3 year olds 
Safety: 7/10 Watch out for flying balls in your face 
Fun factor: 10/10 for Clark 6/10 for me 
Dog friendly: No
Pushchair Friendly: No
Bikes and Scooters: No


Right so time for me to be honest. I personally wouldn’t go back if it wasn’t for Clark absolutely loving it. I guess its all about the kids anyway. Are there better indoor golf courses? Yes but none that are near by. 

There’s no doubt that Gravitee Golf Oxford is a really great indoor day out for the kids and its something different too. Its in a great position so that you can have a full day out albeit an expensive day out. 

miniature golf oxford

I honestly think the kids will have a great time if you take them. Its us adults I worry about. However there is a silver lining……they serve alcohol whoop. 

So yes I would recommend you try it out although I cant guarantee that it’ll blow your socks off.  


Check out the Gravitee Golf Oxford website HERE for more information and costs.

If you’d like more idea for thing to do indoor check out the map HERE


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