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Ardley Park

So took the kids to the infamous Ardley park. When I say took I mean drove round in a circle completely lost for about half an hour before my 5 year old spotted the park and car park. (i get lost a lot) anyway faff over got there and wow what a park.

I can see what all the fuss was about. There is something for every single age….Well maybe not a new born but if you really wanted to pop them in the net swing then get it’ll probably make them sleep.

Ardley park’s Big climbing frame 

The larger climbing frame is immense and can even fit adults on with not too much of a hassle. It even took my weight so i know it’s been well made. The majority of it is wooden apart from the usual metal slides etc. Thankfully the burny ball of fire in the sky hasn’t been out as much so the kids could slide freely without their skin being left behind on the slide. The ground underneath its that lovely soft woodchip which really does work. I saw a kid fall off from a great height and only wind himself (if that happened in Garth the air ambulance would have been out)

Smaller Climbing Frame 

The smaller climbing frame is again is brilliant, easier for the younger ones to get up and has another large slide. Only downside is the slide has been vandalised by some morons with black paint so you don’t get as much slip in your slide. However its plonked in the middle of a giant sand pit so grab your buckets and spades and enjoy some chill down time as you watch the kids throw sand into each others eyes.

The equipment there is great with so much choice they even have a zip wire, its still in the park but harder for smaller ones to get there as it seems to be surrounded by mini mount Etnas that the smaller ones struggle to climb. There’s also football pitches adjacent so the kids could take a ball and have a kick about.

Ardley Park Facilities 

There are no toilets which is a downside but there is a pub over the (busy) road. I heard it’s really nice so if you didn’t fancy taking a picnic then give the fox and hounds a go. The park can get busy but nothing overly busy that I’ve heard anyway. It has few benches and plenty if grass for seating too if you do decide to take a picnic. It’s mostly fenced in and safe. However the gate doesn’t have a catch on it and is fairly easy to open but you should see your kid trying to escape by the time they’ve made it over there if not maybe lay of the gin. 😉

Ardley Park Stats: 

Distance from Bicester: 13 mins
Sat Nav: Ardley United Football Club, Oxford Road, Ardley, Bicester OX27 7PA Click for Directions 
Accessibility: 7/10 (car best, Sat nav fewcott green)
Wheelchair friendly: Yes
Equipment upkeep: 10/10
Cleanliness: 7/10( fair amount of rubbish putting it down to busy summer holidays)
Facilities: 7/10 (pub opposite, parking but not toilets)
Age range: Any age
Safety: 8/10 (needs a catch on the gate)
Fun factor: 10/10


Do it. you could kill a few hours here if you take friends and a picnic with wine 😉 its half way through the kids holidays and I’m running out of patience/ideas I’m pretty much up for anything that stops my kids from gouging each others eyes out and Ardley park definitely did that for us.


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