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In true Family Ticket style we decided to spend our last day of the holidays at kings Sutton park! My only regret was that we didn’t get to this little gem any earlier so i could share with you guys.

This is one of the further away parks but fret not its a simple drive apart from the Douche headed lorry driver at Baynards green roundabout who nearly caused an accident because he didn’t know that you have to stop at a roundabout when drivers from the right are already on it!!! Absolute tool!

Parking was easy we parked along the roadside but there is a car park in the memorial hall which is right next to the play park.

Huge field 

Kings Sutton park is on the far corner of a pretty big field. The field is open and has a road running the circumference (ooo big word) so keep hold of the little ones. Once they saw the park they totally forgot their fascination with becoming speed bumps anyway.

It’s a well equipped, spread out park with lots to keep the sprogs occupied. There are a few sections to the park a bit like steeple Aston only more spread out. First point of call the caged in toddler park (for under 7s the sign says) its great! The huge wooden combine harvester/tractor climbing frame is an instant draw for the kids they flocked straight to it. Once you see it for yourselves you’ll see why.

Toddler area 

This baby is going to have a whole paragraph to itself! It’s the bees knees of toddler climbing frames im going to go as far as to say the best one we’ve been on to date. Not only is it fun its safe!!! Well as safe as a climbing frame can be where a toddlers involved. It’s not too high but high enough that they think they’re out of reach and living on edge. Its got steps, tyres, slides, tunnels, a driver’s seat and a fireman’s pole…at least that’s what I think it was but not within easy reach or open sided. Its so good it even kept the older ones entertained more than the older kids climbing frame!

This toddler area of Kings Sutton park is really good not only are they fenced in but its got another climbing frame. This is one of the metal buggers which I’m not too keen on. As far as a solid death trap goes its still pretty safe too. Elliot has a new love for the fireman’s poles. Fret not it was as tall as my leg and I’m a short arse. There’s the usual springy things, baby swings and a great 3 person roundabout! It was a great one nice seats and easy to reach.

Bigger kids area 

Bigger kids area 🙂 this all looks fairly new. It’s lovely. Timber structure galore, your kids are really in for a treat. Zip wire! Haha a good one but again keep hold of the younger ones they will get high fived in the face with a boot. There are not one but 2 netted swings! Which is great because those bad boys cause more arguments than a lone cake in the middle of a play group. It has a nice little pitch area for football and basketball, Swings and the main attraction the beast of a climbing frame. If your kids like climbing they’ll love this! Elliot had a go but my butt was clenched the whole time. I’d say it’s for the ages 4+ it was lovely though plenty to do.

The whole area/setting was lovely its in the heart of the village and a nice village it seemed too. There were lots of other kids in the park but they all played together lovely, joining in each others games etc. Some children had brought there bikes and were whizzing about safely on the fields, some parents were playing ball games but my favourite were the parent who’d brought their own camping chairs and a cool box. Now I don’t know what was in the cool box but i know what mine would contain. It’s was a good sign that this Is a park you could spend a good few hours chilling out in while the kids hopefully knackered themselves out in time for bed time.


There was a mixture of safety flooring all put in the appropriate places. The rubber grid matting over by the toddler frame and the chipping by the older kids frame. All the Equipment seemed in fairly good nick. Now we didn’t see them ourselves but i have it on good authority that there are toilets close by and a shop. So this will mean that you’ll have to do some investigations yourselves. We didn’t have time because i needed to get back and buy more uniform after messing up the first time and leaving it to last min!

Kings sutton park stats 

Distance from Bicester: 24mins
Sat nav: Astrop Road, Kings Sutton park, King’s Sutton, Banbury OX17 3PG Click for directions 
Wheelchair friendly: yes
Equipment upkeep: 10/10
Cleanliness: 9/10 very clean. Lots of bins
Facilities: 9/10 based on if there are toilets and shops
Age range: All ages
Safety: 8/10
Fun factor: 10/10
Dog friendly: yes (no poo in sight though)


Bottom line is Kings Sutton park is worth driving too. Take a picnic, take your bikes, take a ball, take a paper and chill out if possible (unless you have a toddler in which case take some Prozac) a great park for a great end to the summer holidays.

P.s the rocket doesn’t move! Don’t put your back out thinking it’s the same as the ones in the old days. It bloody hurts!

My reviews will keep coming because i still have a small one to entertain a few days of the week and we’ll still need to fill our weekends with fun. I will be bringing play group reviews to you mum’s with smaller kids 🙂 so please do keep reading and offering your opinions and suggestions. Good luck to all your kids for today if they’ve started a new school year. To the mum’s worried about leaving their kids for the 1st time….Enjoy it! peace and quiet is a beautiful thing that comes rarely once you’ve had kids.

For more free parks in the area check HERE

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