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Fathers Day Weekend 2019

So this weekend is Fathers day weekend. Fathers day on Sunday for anyone that doesn’t know. Some of you will have had this planned ages ago and some of you like me probably left it until very last min. 

I’m just putting together a quick guide to whats on. If you follow me you’ll know i don’t really like doing these but you lot annoyingly seem to find them useful. Its going to be a bit harder than usual thanks to the god awful weather at the moment too. 

Fathers Day Weekend

Saturday 15th 

Sunday 16th 

Ok Thats it I’m done i cant be arsed listing any more. There are loads of village Fetes this weekend which I’m sure is going to be weather dependent. There is a list of them on the Family Ticket free chat group HERE so have a browse. 

I managed to book a table for Sunday lunch at Fancott which is the pub with the miniature railway and play park in the garden but judging by this shower of shit Summer so far i doubt the train will be running Reviews HERE if you want to see it though. 

 I hope you all have a cracking Fathers day weekend and fingers crossed the weather treats us well. If you don’t like any of the events going on then have a look at the Rainy Day map and see if something tickles your fancy HERE

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