Evenlode River Paddling

Evenlode River Paddling | Stonesfield

***EDIT***  Please check with the environmental agency before visiting as there have been reports of pollution in the Evenlode River. Second day of the school summer holidays, Elliots with the Childminder and it was just a mummy and Clark day. Something which we haven’t had for a long time. What […]

Tiddenfoot waterside park

Tiddenfoot Waterside Park

Just before the kids bugger back off to school they found a love for their bikes and bike tracks. They specifically only like pump tracks that have tarmac and not the gravel kind. On our way home from one in Leighton Buzzard I saw Tiddenfoot waterside park and thought we’d […]

Denham country park

Denham Country Park

If you’re after a free day out with a little bit of everything then I shit you not Denham country park is the place to go.  Denham Country Park Ok so when I said free I should have said apart from the parking. However £4.50 parking for the whole day […]

Ray Mill Island

Ray Mill Island

Kids got so excited when we told them we were off to an Island. You should have seen their faces when we told them it wasn’t one off the coast of somewhere hot. Although as far as British weather goes we got it pretty good when we visited Ray Mill […]

Greystones farm nature reserve

Greystones Farm Nature Reserve

We stumbled across Greystones farm nature reserve by complete fluke and boy am I glad we did. The boys walked for miles with minimal whinging too so it must have been good. Greystones Farm Nature Reserve We’d planned to visit Boughton on the water and basically what happened was it […]

Lashford Lane Fen

Lashford Lane Fen

After visiting Dry Sandford Pit a few weeks ago we finally found time to visit one of the other nature reserves in the area. Lashford Lane Fen is great for exploring we loved it. However is not as easily accessible as dry Sandford Pit. Lashford Lane Fen Lashford lane fen […]

Dry Sandford Pit

Dry Sandford Pit

We visited Dry Sandford Pit nature reserve 2 days in a row. Firstly because we really enjoyed it. Secondly and most importantly we got all the way there before my eldest decided he needed a poo. Needless to say we didn’t get to spend a great deal exploring the first […]

riverside play park Stradford-upon-avon

Riverside Play Park | Stratford-Upon-Avon

Here’s a blast from the past… ok not that far in the past but earlier this year. Myself and Elliot went to try out the Riverside play park | Stratford-Upon-Avon. Lucky for us it was a super sunny day too. Although I still wasn’t prepared for it.  Riverside Play Park […]


Watersmeet | Picture Perfect & Fun For Kids

After my post about the stunning Dovedale the other day it only makes sense to tell you all about another favourite of ours, Watersmeet. Its simply stunning and if I was to get married again (someone rich next time) Then I’d want it to be here.  We visited Watersmeet while […]