After a long time away from the website. I thought it was time that I removed my finger from my arse and did some work.

So why not kick it off with something I hold with contempt. Yep I hate doing these buggers but you lot seem to love them. So here we are kicking off 2021 with my Easter what’s on guide 2021.

Here’s hoping this year isn’t as wanky as the last one. Click the pretty colours to take you to the page with more information and how to book. 

Easter what’s on guide 2021

Easter Trails: 

Stonor park

Easter Holiday Events: 

Reopenings Selling Tickets Now:

Green space climbing

Baby groups

Right thats it I’m done with the Easter whats on guide 2021 not going to lie it was much harder this time than other years. Som places arent doing their usual which is fair enough. 

Lets remember too book as most places will require this now to keep control of numbers. Lots of people are still a bit dubious and cautious so lets not go nuts licking posts and shit. 

If I have missed something or fucked up let me know. The way I see it is the more options we have the more disbursed we’ll all be. 

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